Philip Beveridge of Philip Beveridge Consulting brings three decades of experience to roof inspection. His expertise lies in ensuring safety, compliance, structural integrity and value for money in roofing.

Many roofs unfortunately present often-silent yet unacceptable risks to the people below them, to the finances of the owners, and to the structural integrity of the buildings they support.

Thorough inspection by an experienced professional at the right time can and does save a lot of money, worry, risk and heartache. Yet still people neglect to invest in possibly the best and most necessary upfront expense against problems or even tragedy down the track.

So, for everyone who spends any time underneath a roof, here are three reasons to invest in having it professionally inspected today. Because whether the roof in question is domestic, commercial or large-scale industrial, it will benefit from inspection by a qualified, proficient and unbiased roof inspector.

1. New buildings

Even new buildings can display structural roofing issues. Unfortunately, we know that 90% of roof failures are due to poor workmanship. To potentially save you thousands down the track, Roof Inspection Reports strongly recommends that as part of your pre-purchase you request a new building roofing inspection report.

An inspection report for a new building conducted by a professional roofing inspector will cover:

  • a comprehensive on-site inspection for compliance to safety standards AS 1562.1, AS 1562.3, and SA HB 39 2015 – the installation code for metal roofing and walling, and manufacturer’s instructions
  • comparison of building plans, architectural designs, drawings and diagrams with the finished job
  • assessment of the quality of the materials and workmanship.

Your written report will include pictures, notes and recommendations, and will serve as documentation you can use in negotiations with your builder and lawyer.

2. Buying or leasing a property

It’s astounding when you think about it, but the majority of home buyers across Queensland will have a pest inspection but not a roof inspection.

A roof inspection by a seasoned professional roof specialist goes much further than a pest or building inspection, and focuses on structural integrity, the quality of materials and workmanship. It should ideally be performed before you agree on price. This is because if problems are identified, your report can include quotes sourced from reputable roofing materials suppliers so you know what you are facing – and the report can serve as a valuable bargaining chip in price negotiations.

Opt for peace of mind that you won’t be faced with potentially dangerous and expensive repairs or replacement down the track, and request your roof inspection report as a condition of purchase.

All of the same advice applies to those considering commercial leases on established properties.

3. Annual inspections

Poor roof maintenance can have severely detrimental effects that are not just financial (though they are certainly that), but also structural – as well as of course presenting a risk to health and safety. As pointed out above, 90% of roof failures are sadly due to poor workmanship.

But if you have missed the opportunity for a thorough inspection by a roof professional at the construction or purchase stage, you can still have regular inspection reports performed to identify and suggest cost-effective and sound solutions to actual and potential issues.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • water penetration
  • incorrect installation
  • dangerously loose roofing
  • any subtle but risky past storm damage

Perceived ‘savings’ from avoiding regular, preferably annual, inspections are certainly a false economy. Inspect early and inspect regularly.

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