The Roof Inspection Sunshine Coast Experts

The Sunshine Coast is a growing metropolis for commercial business as evidenced by the increase in construction of industrial areas up and down the coastline. Whether you are an experienced business owner or new to the business world conducting adequate searches regarding the viability and structural integrity of your premises is paramount. You conduct building and best inspections, however the roofing structure is often overlooked.

At Roof Inspection Reports we provide a professional comprehensive evaluation and report on the integrity of your building including the roof. To further elaborate, we offer professional roof inspection Sunshine Coast services for all business operations along the coast line. This includes coming out to your premises and conducting a visual and manual inspection on the integrity of your building and roofing structure highlighting areas of concern in a full report upon completion. We actually get up on the roof and look around thoroughly, we don’t make assumptions from the ground. We are always happy to further discuss our reports ensuring that customers understand what they are buying or leasing, thus ensuring customer satisfaction.

The services provided by Roof Inspection Reports have led to customers saving thousands of dollars or potential money pits by providing them with the ability to make an informative decision. Our highly trained and qualified inspectors are expert in conducting on premise inspections for leaseholders and purchasers of commercial buildings. It is wise practice to know the condition of any building you are considering using for personal or business purposes.

As a lease holder your contract may have certain obligations placed upon your regarding the repair and maintenance of the structure and as such you need to be informed of the integrity of your building allowing you to allocated capital for any works required.

Why choose us?

  • Over 35 years of industry experience
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Friendly with a focus on customer satisfaction
  • Highly dependable independent inspectors
  • Cost Effective

Roof Inspection Reports are highly regarded within the industry, recommended and sought after by leading engineers and architects. We have a proven ability to be conducive to new building integrity in the provision of cost effective solutions during the design phase of new buildings without compromising on the engineering integrity of the roofing structure. We offer this to professionalism to every customer.

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