Faithful inspections

It’s the gospel truth. Roof Inspection Reports will save you heartache, if not your soul. We are still working on that one.

By the time you become aware of a leak in your roof, according to Roof Inspection Report’s director Philip Beveridge, the damage has been well-established.

He recommends annual inspections for all dwellings and commercial properties as a preventative measure, given how complex and expensive the job of repair can become. The annual fee for an inspection well offsets the size of the bill that can result for one-off major repairs.

But don’t despair if you do find you have developed roof damage. Even the most complex damage should always fixable, and you can put your faith in Roof Inspection Reports’ more than thirty years of experience in identifying problems and suggesting optimal solutions.


Watertight reports

Unfortunately, poor workmanship is the root cause of most roofing problems. And a leak after rain and storms is the sign you need to address well-progressed damage as soon as possible.

Visible signs of water damage on your ceilings and walls should be acted on without delay to prevent consequences you will regret that can be financial, structural and to you and your family’s or employees’ or tenants’ health and safety.

Your roof is too precious to your financial and general well being to be neglected.

Protect your assets and your people. Contact Roof Inspection Reports today for a professional inspection and report that will give you peace of mind.