Roof flaws: What you can expect

At Roof Inspection Report, we have 35 years of experience in the industry. So, you know you can trust us with your most valuable asset, your home.

If you already own your home or are looking to buy, you must not neglect to have a dedicated professional inspect your roof for roof flaws.

There are a number of reasons why. Let us discuss them for you.

Roof flaws, weaknesses and risks

A professional roof inspection will detect any faults in the roof of an existing building. It will also bring to your attention any nagging or minor issues that have the potential to develop into larger future issues that will need repairs.

And when it comes to purchasing newly built properties, don’t close the sale without a roof inspection report by a professional. Only a fully qualified and experienced roof inspector will be able to tell you whether the builders have installed the roof according to the instructions of the manufacturer and in compliance with all relevant Australian standards.

Don’t cut corners with a generalist building inspection

Don’t settle for less than a specialist roof inspection report by a qualified roof inspector. Only a specialist roof inspector can tell you with confidence about roof flaws, potential future issues and has expert knowledge about compliance matters.

You can use your roof inspection report to negotiate for repairs and price on a property before you settle. This is true peace of mind, as only a professional like Roof Inspection Reports can deliver.

Roof Inspection Reports: Impartial, thorough and reliable

At Roof Inspection Reports, we are a disinterested party, with no stake in the sale of the property. That means we will give you honest, straightforward, impartial advice about roof flaws. We are proud of our frank and fearless approach. It means you can trust us. Don’t settle for anything else.

A thorough report from us will cover, at a minimum:

  • ensuring correct installation
  • identifying actual or potential risks or faults
  • diagnosing existing problems, e.g., leaks
  • assuring that roof design is fit for purpose
  • proposing a maintenance schedule
  • certifying all relevant standards and systems.

Roof Inspection Reports: Giving you old-fashioned value for money is our business.

You are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the people under your roof. Roof Inspection Reports provides roof reports you can trust. Safe as houses.

Contact us today to book a fully professional roof inspection report.