Maintain your roof – your valuable asset

You maintain your car carefully, and address any issues as they arise. You know that ignoring problems can jeopardise your own and others’ safety, lead to greater expenses down the track, and reduce the value of your asset. Likewise, you keep your home well-maintained inside and out, and renovate, replace, repair or refresh periodically. Unfortunately, many people with otherwise responsible habits towards their valuable assets will neglect their roof. It’s a crucial part of the structure of your home and business that has maximal exposure to the elements, yet so often people allow problems to develop and deteriorate that lead to headaches, expense and compromised safety. Don’t be one of those people.

Why roof maintenance counts

Your roof should be inspected and maintained regularly every 6 to 12 months. In some cases, you actually risk voiding the manufacturer’s warranty on roofing materials if you do not adhere to this schedule of inspection and any maintenance required. In the harsh Queensland elements, 12 months is a long time – we have repeatedly witnessed guttering and roofs in need of repair and even replacement within 12 months of construction. If you have not kept up your required schedule of inspection and maintenance, and damage results, you may find yourself facing major avoidable costs on roofing and guttering. Ensure regular inspections for the sake of short and long-term safety, cost and time and trouble.

Diagnostic reports and roof maintenance

Whether you are a own or lease a commercial property or are a home-owner, you cannot afford to overlook the maintenance of your roof. Regular inspections with a written diagnostic report will ensure you keep within the terms of your warranty, and provide you with peace of mind.

Roof Inspection Reports will provide you with a comprehensive, expert, impartial and fearlessly honest assessment of your roof, including recommendations for any maintenance or repairs and replacements. We are on your side. Regular inspections will keep you in your warrantee, keep you and your family or staff and clients safe, and keep you from nasty surprises with the need for expensive repairs avoided through appropriate ongoing care.

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