Roof Inspection Reports offers a brief consumer guide to buying materials for a new roof.

Buying a roof: What is the best material?

The short answer is that the best roofing material is the material that meets your needs and budget.

When you are considering what roofing to choose, weigh looks against cost and durability. Roofing materials come in a range of grades for each type of material, and they will be priced accordingly. Make sure you get familiar with the entire product range even after you have narrowed down your choice of material. Make your choice wisely, based on your budget, the climate, and type of housing as well as your aesthetic preferences.

Keep in mind also that performance and longevity vary widely among roofing types and brands. Do your consumer homework – and don’t be afraid to ask for independent professional advice.

Estimating costs

Generally, suppliers will sell roofing by the square metre or hundred square metres. To measure how much roofing you’ll need, multiply the overall length and width of each roof section in metres to gain the overall area, and add 10% to allow for waste. You will need to add to your materials cost the costs for labour, which could range from $4000 to $10,000. Keep extra supplies of your roofing materials for replacements, for example, after storm damage.

Watch the warranty

A full warranty will cover replacement of defective materials while a materials warranty offers pro rata coverage. Most warranties will offer full reimbursement for materials for a limited time – check and compare how long. Most won’t cover faulty installation. You will need a separate labour warranty from the installer – and a roof inspection report to ensure the workmanship is shipshape.

Solar panels?

A great idea. Get them installed at the same time, not later. Ask for a professional roof inspection to determine the roof’s condition and how much weight it can handle. Ensure compatibility between the warranties on your roofing materials and solar panels.

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