Property roof inspections can reveal many aspects of a home or buildings integrity, including its weather tightness, visible damage, safety, structural integrity and efficiency.

So how will property roof inspections help the average resident or business owner? The main things that a roof inspection will reveal is whether your proposed purchase is worth the money, and possible time and commitment needed to bring it up to scratch. In short the value of your purchse. Too many times have people being caught out in buying a money pit when it could have easily been avoided by spending a little money upfront to have a property roof inspection completed by a specialist.

Take a look at some of the key areas which of focus for professional roof inspectors

Roof Inspection


Everything that is built will need to undergo maintenance at some point during its lifespan. Property roof inspections will reveal what, if any maintenance has been done on a property. A roof inspection will also reveal what, if any maintenance will be required. Severity of any damage and the likely impacts it may have on your properties safety and value.

Key areas which are on the radar of a roof inspector include;

  • The installation of the roofing materials, i.e. iron roofing, tiles, etc. The quality of this roofing, signs of deterioration and noncompliance of installation.
  • Ventilation – has appropriate ventilation being installed in the roof cavity or roof space to reduce the effects of condensation. They will also highly any signs of condensation or water damage from leakage
  • Fire Safety – is there excess material in the roof space which could become a fire safety hazard. Have fire retardants being used if applicable. Hae all fire safety codes being adhered to during installation and if not all areas of non-compliance will be highlighted?
  • Damage – obvious and subtle signs of damage from weather or animal infestation.
  • Points of water penetration   

A roof space can often be an overlooked part of the house however you can see the importance in ensuring that it is just as safe as the rest of your house, after all it is what we all live and work under daily.

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