Project Design and Review

All new projects go through an extensive and comprehensive consultative process where key members including architects, engineers and lead contractors thoroughly dissect each area to ensure that it will perform its intended function without fault. Another key member to consider in the consultative process is a qualified and experienced roof inspection specialist. The skills that a roof inspection specialist will bring to a project are solely in the design and review of proposed structures providing recommendations, changes or alterations on current roofing materials and design, providing alternatives of comparable quality. The cost savings can be quite significant saving large projects millions of dollars throughout the construction phase. A roof inspection specialist will work closely within the team combining their skills and specialities for the benefit of the project.

Experienced architects, contractors and engineers understand and appreciate the skills of a specialist roof inspector knowing how their input can be very rewarding in time savings and in helping a project to be completed within or below budget.

For your next major project consider engaging the services of a qualified building inspector and contact the experts, Philip Beveridge at Roof Inspection Reports.