Find out the condition of your proposed new purchase

As the potential buyer of a property, you need to be fully aware of the condition of your building’s roof structure at the time of purchase. This becomes more important with the age of the building and when purchasing older houses and buildings which clearly show signs of damage and dilapidation.

Roof Inspection Reports has extensive experience conducting pre-existing condition reports as part of our inspection service. The main purpose of a pre-existing condition report is to highlight the condition of the proposed building being considered for purchase. This may be an apartment, apartment block, house, set of units, commercial building, industrial building, warehouse, factory or other. The report can be used for information to confirm your investment at the time of purchase. Additionally, it is very valuable in providing concise information for future planning and restoration work.

At the time of inspection, our highly trained and experienced inspectors will meticulously cover the roofing structure both internally and externally, looking for visual and other signs of deterioration, faults, cracks, leaks, structural issues and more. Systematically covering every inch of the structure, we do not leave the property until we have examined everything. Committed to excellence in service, you can rest assured that our reports once completed are comprehensive and will give you a very clear indication of the pre-existing condition of your roof.

We are independent inspectors and do not work for builders, developers or real estate agents in any way. You can trust that the reports we complete are evidence based and factual.


All our pre-existing condition reports are completed with the highest attention to detail. We will notify you of every small issue, guarding you against false claims or information from other sources. Our reports provide you an accurate written account at the time of inspection to base all future work on. All reports are accompanied by photographic evidence to verify our findings.

Our pre-existing condition reports greatly assist purchasers and owners of property in planning and allocating funds for improvements and restorative work.

If you are looking at purchasing property and need to know the pre-existing condition of the roof structure, contact Roof Inspection Reports for a no fuss, comprehensive succinct evaluation, analysis and report.