When running a business, a well defined budget is of crucial importance. Being able to plan for expenses down the line relating to your roofing solution gives you invaluable insight. Roof Inspection Reports are able to provide specialised reports that detail both the lifespan of your existing roof and what issues may arise down the track.

The report can also provide methods that you can employ to increase the lifespan of your roof, by detailing regular maintenance procedures and any repairs that may need to be carried out now so as to prevent further damage to your property down the line. We will also give you estimates of replacement costs for when the time comes to replace any existing roofing materials.

A Better Budget For Commercial Clients

All of this information is formed to give commercial clients the best chance to accurately plan their expenses. This is also extremely beneficial for body corporate and strata buildings, as common roofs are always the responsibility of the body corporate.

A proper report conducted by experienced and qualified professionals such as Roof Inspection Reports means that tenants will pay less fees, and building managers won’t suffer emergency situations that would otherwise occur if not properly prepared.

A great example of such a report is the Brisbane Convention Center. Roof Inspection Reports were called on due to our well-known name in the industry to provide a cost plan, complete with a full condition report and recommendations. As the building was over 20 years old, the managers of the property were looking to get estimates for replacement materials. Due to the large size of the building, and the nature of its design, the replacement costs for its roof were far beyond what would normally be assigned in a budget.

Once they were supplied with our report, the managers were able to make use of the information in their annual budget planning process. This meant that they could anticipate future costs and start planning for work well ahead of time. As the report also included suggestions on increasing the lifespan of their roof, it also meant that the total maintenance cost of the building over its lifetime was significantly reduced.

Being able to reduce the complications of budget planning is a benefit to anyone running a business. With Roof Inspection Reports, you can rest assured that our cost planning reports will detail everything you need to know about your roof’s condition, lifespan and maintenance routines. With this information, you can allocate exactly what you need for your roof, which leaves more funds for other areas of your business.

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