The storm season in Queensland brings violent and powerful winds with it. With these winds comes a greater chance of damage to your roof. This damaged can be caused by a variety of reasons related to high winds such as creating stress fractures which can weaken the roof and in term compromise its structure. While most roofs are built to be resistant to winds they can be damaged over time due to these high winds carrying debris that impact the roof and directly cause damage.

If wind damages a roof then the chance of further damage is increased by allowing water and other debris to make their way through. If that happens then you can also be subject to internal damage caused by water which further increases your repair costs. Depending on how your building is insulated you can also be looking at increased power bills due to heating or cooling the building.

How Wind Causes Damage

The design of many roofs are not uniform and so the pressures of wind are not either. Most roof damage starts at the edge of the roof where the gutters are while the centre parts often experience the least stress. This damage can be further ensured by loose guttering than moves more when wind blows against it and cause the roof to peel away. Over time this situation gets worse and worse the more a roof is exposed to the elements. As your roof is also home to insulation it is imperative that you prevent water and other debris from getting inside.

Tree Damage and Debris

While the wind itself can damage your roof it can also be the cause of falling tree branches which can cause significant damage to your roof and internal structure. If you have trees overhanging your roof then the damage can come from repetitive scratching which can remove protective coating and paint. Increased debris from trees can fall into gutters and cause strain on them during rain which in turn further damages the structure of your roof.

What to Do if you think your roof is damaged

The signs of roof damage can be varied. It may visual such as seeing loose guttering or flapping sheets or perhaps noticing water stains on your inner ceilings. You might also hear the sounds of banging sheets or gutters during high winds. The best course of action you can take if you are unsure is to hire a professional to examine the roof.

The longer you wait the more risk you are of significant damage spreading. While roof replacement or repair costs can be significant it costs a lot less when you don’t have to deal with the additional costs of water damage and internal structure repair.

If you feel like your roof has been damaged in a storm then the best thing to do is contact Roof Inspection Reports to have an experienced professional survey the surface and prepare a report that will give you insight into what damage is present and what it could lead to.

Roof Inspection Reports can also help ascertain what can be filed for an insurance claim and provide the relevant information you will need to do so.

Roof Inspection Reports Are a Trusted Name

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