What can I expect from a Roofing report?

At roof inspection reports we are able to conduct an independent roof check-up on any type or size of roofing structures made from any type of material.  Our highly qualified and experienced personnel will analysis an evaluate your roof taking into consideration the type of material used in construction, the age of the building, providing you with a full report containing everything you need on the condition of your roof currently and also a projection of issues which become apparent within the next couple of years.

A business or corporation will order a roof check-up or inspection and report for any number of reasons, however generally it is to provide a written record on the condition of the commercial properties which are owned. This allows you as a business owner or financial manager to make an expenditure forecast within your budget allowing for these potential issues so you are financially prepared. We are committed to making sure you have the facts in the first instance rather than finding out as time goes by that your roof is turning into a money pit.

Our services are often utilised by government facilities, including hospitals and commercial premises, large multi-chain companies such as Bunnings, Masters right through to large retail chains. We specialise in any roof size and provide the same level of service whether it is a 150m2 or 15,000m2 roof.

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