Roof Inspection Report discusses the benefits of green roofing

We humans love nature. It’s good for us, as the doctors know. It makes us feel good to connect with it. Many sing the praises of green roofing, and the benefits are many. At the top of the list is that connection to nature. City councils around Australia have been considering changes to bylaws and incentives for green roofs. And that’s because the benefits are so clear and so many.

Here are a few:

  • Connection to nature – the biggie. Green roofs are great just for their peacefulness and beauty.
  • Lowering insulation costs – On a single-story brick building with a concrete roof, the savings would be up to 65% in heating and 35% in cooling bills.
  • Absorbing rainfall and keeping it from flowing to creeks and rivers. A study has shown that many roofs with just a 10cm-deep substrate across the city of Melbourne could absorb up to 95% of the annual rainfall there. They would do this by breaking up the mass of impervious surfaces, in a future scenario where a city is covered in green roofs. Modelling has shown a mass of green roofs in a city could capture enough run-off to prevent flash flooding in big rain events.
  • Providing people with a source of home-grown fruit, vegetables and flowers. How nice is that?

Incentives for green roofs may be on the way

At the moment, green roofs are still far more common in North America and Europe than they are in Australia. For example, Toronto in Canada requires green roofs on all new developments with a floor area greater than 2000 m2.

But Australian researchers who understand the many benefits of green roofs have recommended government incentives to encourage developers to add green roofs to new developments. Such measures might include fast-tracked building approvals, relaxed height restrictions and financial grants.

Green roofs don’t come cheap at the moment. But they are an idea whose time is coming. Watch this (roof) space.

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