While an inspection of your roof should be carried out regularly to ensure you are kept aware of potential issues arising there are also several signs and situations that you should be aware of in order to reduce the chances of your roofs health deteriorating. From the moment your roof is installed it is subjected to the elements and so needs to be taken care of. If left unchecked your roof may require replacement which is an incredibly costly and inconvenient process.

To give your roof the best chance and ensure that its structural integrity is sound the best thing to do is to ensure that when it is being built that all codes of practice and regulations are being adhered to. While roof inspections is in our name we are also commonly called on the advise on building plans and process. By getting an expert opinion at the planning stages of development you can make sure every part of your roof installation is sound and is protected against the most common mistakes that can cause issues down the line.

If a roof isn’t properly installed or becomes damaged by storms then the biggest threat is water leaking through to the vulnerable supporting structures like beams and walls. While storm damage is the most common cause for these leaks it can also come from poor installation which leaves materials rubbing against each other and causes stress.

Once the water gets in it becomes a costly process to correct. Often water damage can be significant as it’s not always caught early. Often the issue is noticed when damp patches appear on the ceiling which means at this stage it has seeped through beams, struts and insulation which may all need to be replaced.

Ensuring that correct procedure is carried out when preparing the roof for final installation is also key to ensuring you aren’t having to replace it. Making sure the area is cleaned, primed and properly prepared means you reduce the chance of corrosive and detrimental elements causing issues.

Another key part of making sure your roof installation goes well is getting the guttering right. If a gutter is not properly connected to the roof it can cause stress and tears in the material once it starts to fill with water. If you do not carry out regular maintenance in terms of cleaning your gutters they can become clogged and start to cause rusting issues as well. Aside from that a constantly full gutter will cause continual strain on the edge of your roofing which can lead to failure.

In order to get the best out of your roof and give you peace of mind now and years to come we recommend giving Roof Inspection Reports a call when looking to get a new roof installed or an old one replaced. Our years of experience and thorough approach means you will gain valuable insight that could save you thousands in the future. Give us a call today on XXX XXX XXX or contact us online to find out more.