Architectural and Planning Roof Inspections Reports

The planning and design phase of a new building or structure is the best time to highlight and overcome roofing issues. Roof Inspection Reports offer a comprehensive service to professionals during the planning and design stage of proposed constructions. Our expertise and design reports are highly sought by professionals, including engineers, developers and architects. We work collaboratively to review proposed roofing structures and highlight issues.


As experienced roof inspectors, our core business is in the evaluation and analysis of roof conditions, coupled with a suite of appropriate recommendations. Each inspector is highly trained and possesses years of expertise in meticulously conducting design reports and roof inspections for new, old and proposed buildings.

With a history of successfully working with architects and engineers, Roof Inspection Reports is in a unique position to offer its skills and expertise in conducting concise evaluations of proposed roofing designs from architectural plans. Thoroughly investigating the use of materials, layout, etc., we offer recommendations based on experience. When applicable, as part of our design reports, our team will provide you with alternative, cost effective materials and methods which do not impact on visual appearance or structural integrity.

Roof Inspection Reports can save clients significant amounts of money through our knowledge and expertise in roofing. Philip Beveridge, the founder of Roof Inspection Reports has extensive experience and a reputation within the industry for his ability to unbiasedly review projects. Through application of his specialist knowledge, he has helped clients during the design phase to fine tune design elements leading to reductions in cost and often improvements in functionality.

For a professional review and a comprehensive design report of proposed architectural and engineering designs, contact Roof Inspection Reports today.