shutterstock_90021889With Cyclone Debbie and her path of destruction fresh in all our minds, it is timely to consider the benefits – even the necessity – of regular roof inspection.

Poor roof maintenance can have severely detrimental impacts, financial, structural, and to health and safety. We have seen in recent storm activity the worst-case scenarios of roofs being lifted off and/or collapsing.

Many homes and commercial buildings that appear to be in sound condition harbour sinister underlying issues that are not visible to the naked eye of non-professionals. Ninety percent of roof failures are due to poor workmanship. Before closing out your contractual obligations with your preferred contractor, it is best to have the work audited by an industry professional for compliance.

But whether you had or missed an inspection at that stage, you can prevent expensive and potentially dangerous mishap through an annual inspection. Roof Inspection Reports advocates periodical inspections on houses and commercial buildings no matter their size or complexity to bring confidence and longevity through the fiercest weather.

The highly trained professional inspectors at Roof Inspection Reports can readily identify and advise on rectifying potential issues with water penetration, incorrect installation, dangerously loose roofing and subtle but potentially risky damage caused by severe weather.

Because the damage done by storms can be difficult for non-professionals to detect, the period after a season of storms is an ideal time to assess for any damage that may have occurred and take steps to repair it. This advice applies equally to domestic and commercial buildings of any size.

shutterstock_166799207Storm season also brings to our attention roof leaks that are more easily ignored at milder times of the year, and offer a perfect opportunity to address them. The most common tell-tale sign of roof damage and leaking is water marks around the cornices of the ceiling, although this is only seen at quite a late stage and is actually a sign that you have well-progressed roof damage.

If you can see visible signs of leaks, now is the time to act. The trustworthy professionals at Roof Inspection Reports will identify your roofing problems and advise you on addressing them.

Roofs are too expensive and important to take for granted. For the safety of your family, tenants or employees, contact Roof Inspection Reports today to arrange an inspection.