Covid Restrictions and Your Roof Inspection

Here at Roof Inspection Reports, we put the health and safety of our clients and staff first. With ever-changing covid restrictions, recommendations and lock-downs, we are doing our part to keep the community safe while still offering our trusted and independent services.

Essential Roofing Services

Roofing maintenance and inspection services will always be vital to ensuring the structural security and waterproofing of your property. Roof Inspection Reports is continuing to offer all of our inspection and reporting services and essential maintenance works. Operating across the Gold Coast we are able to work on both residential and commercial roofing. Whether you have leaks or other serious roofing issues, are purchasing a new property, or need maintenance to keep up with warranty and rental requirements Roofing Inspection Reports is here to help.

Roof Design Reporting During Covid Restrictions

If you want to prevent roofing failures and issues, one of the best things you can do is make sure it’s designed correctly before you even begin construction. While some roofing issues are caused by improper installation, many underlying problems come from the design itself. Roofing Inspection Reports are roofing industry experts with decades of specialist experience. From design and material selection to best-practice, standards and regulations for roofing our professional team can advise on functional and beautiful roofing that is designed to last in harsh Australian conditions.

We offer a comprehensive inspection and reporting of architectural roofing plans. Our specialist expertise means that we are able to advise on whether the design and materials being recommended are the most suitable, and the most economical, for your purpose. Save time and money by having our expert team go over your plans now before you begin construction. We also offer final and sign-off reporting for new constructions so you can know your design has been followed and your roof is completely compliant before finalising construction.

Staying Safe

As covid restrictions and advice change, we are working hard to continue operating as safely as we can. Our inspectors and maintenance teams are experts who have always put safety first when working on your roofing. We have many safety precautions and procedures our team follow whenever they are on your site an we contiune to stay up-to-date with government directives and health advice.

Don’t delay critical roofing maintence and repairs that will continue to cause issues on your property. The team at Roofing Inspection Reports are here to safely find and fix small issues before they become major problems. If you have any questions or concerns you can always contact us about our covid safe policies or any of our site safety plans.

Whether you are planning, building or maintaining your roof contact the team at Roofing Inspection Reports for comprehensive, independent and trustworthy roofing reporting and maintenance.