An ounce of prevention

Philip Beveridge of Roof Inspection Reports offers unparalleled expertise in providing fully professional independent, third-party roofing design reviews. His long experience ensures that he is able to provide the most extensive range of roof consulting services that are available, with design reviews being one particular strand of the service offerings of Roof Inspection Reports.

Roofing design reviews are a highly specialised service, provided by this industry expert with over 35 years of experience under his belt. His general experience ensures that he is able to consistently provide this essential service to architects and builders on major commercial and government construction projects.

Having a roofing design review at the pre-construction phase is ideal to ensure that roofing design, systems, assemblies and product choices will:

  • be fully compliant with all relevant Australian standards
  • be fully watertight
  • lengthen the standard service life of the roofing
  • be the safest and most economical choices for the project.

Roofing DesignIndependence is key to providing credible and ethical services, and Roof Inspection Reports is non-aligned and proud to offer frank and fearless advice that has earned the company the outstanding reputation it enjoys.

Experience allow for Roof Inspection Reports to offer both general recommendations and review of scope, as well as product review and evaluation that adds value to the architectural and/or engineering processes. It also brings to bear the ability to come up with solutions that can be creative and even ingenious at times, and are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Philip’s service offerings take in the writing, reviewing and editing of specifications, and his up-to-date knowledge of roofing products adds further value.

His track record of positive results speaks for itself. For peace of mind on your major projects, he offers to value-add on:

  • savings
  • compliance
  • safety
  • acoustics
  • aesthetics.

For full assurance and completion at the design planning stage, please contact Roof Inspection Reports today for a confidential discussion and quote.