Professional Commercial Roof Services

With over 35 years of experience Roof Inspection Services specialises in both large and small commercial roof services throughout Brisbane and Australia. Our service encompasses the professional evaluation and analysis of roofing structures from an integrity perspective. The highly qualified team of roof inspectors at Roof Inspections Services will come to your premises, new, old or under construction to conduct a comprehensive range of commercial roof services. We are regularly engaged by businesses operating from commercial premises before purchasing, leasing or extending a lease to provide an inspection and report on the current condition of the building, highlighting faults to be conscious of. This exercise is adopted by companies for the savings it offers by providing them with concise information on the condition of their building allowing them to make informative decisions.

Reliability and Expertise

At Roof Inspection Reports we offer reliability and expertise carrying out regular commercial roof services for a wide range of customers on professional’s premises being occupied. Our services include;

  • Regular certification as part of our commercial roof services to ensure that your roofing structure adheres to strict Australian Standards complying with installation codes and identifying areas of immediate, short term and long term damage or potential.
  • Lease holders of commercial buildings to give current and potential occupiers a full investigative report on the current condition of the commercial premises they are looking to lease for conducting business operations. We will go over your roof with a fine toothed comb highlighting every aspect, diagnosing problems and causes and providing solutions.
  • We offer a consultative service on new commercial buildings during the design phase, liaising with engineers and architect to identify weaknesses and strengths in proposed roofing structures, recommending cost effective changes without impacting the structural integrity of the roof or building.

If you are looking at leasing commercial premises or extending a lease of currently owned premises engage the services of Roof Inspection Reports for a full scale commercial roof analysis is a wise decision.

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