Professional roof inspections on Architectural Designs for integrity

Roof Inspection Reports recommend engaging professional independent advice during the architectural design phase of any new construction.  Architects understand the necessity for each component of a structure to balance and complement each other, however they are not experts in roof structure design often engaging the services of qualified professional roof inspectors with knowledge and expertise in the field.  As specialists in roofing, Roof Inspection Reports can undertake inspection and reporting, providing advice on any proposed roofing design from architectural plans, outlining recommended changes.

The advantages of having an independent roof inspector conduct your roof evaluation and suitability for practical application is that we do not benefit in any way. Our aim is to give our clients the best options which fulfil all architectural design criteria and structural integrity at the lowest cost with compromise.

With flamboyance as a key design element in modern construction the second largest element of a building’s façade, the roof is often overlooked in favour of unique architectural qualities.  Experienced architects understand the need to get roof integrity right during the architectural design phase. To achieve this they obtain independent advice from experts in the field of roofing to provide them and their client’s peace of mind, often with huge savings from minor changes identified and proposed throughout our inspection and reporting process.

Roofs come in many different designs, shapes and styles to suit different tastes and budgets. At Roof Inspection Reports our roof inspectors are highly sought after for their ability to find innovative solutions, giving our clients and in turn their clients everything they are after without compromise.

For you next project have your architectural design reviewed by one of our experts staff at a very competitive rate, which can potentially save you significant money in the long term.