While roof inspections may be our bread and butter we also offer pre planning services to the Brisbane area and its surrounds. By hiring an experienced professional to inspect your building plans you not only gain insight into any potential issues that may develop after construction but also get time tested advice on design and installation. Our job is inspecting roofs and because of that we know what the most common issues are and how much they will impact your roofs lifespan.

Architects and building designers are not roofing specialists, nor should they be expected to be. We bring 35 years of experience in the Brisbane roofing industry and will work to ensure you have the most comprehensive and accurate information possible before you move ahead. When you weigh up the cost of potential issues down the road against the low cost of an architectural review it becomes clear its the best option for your budget.

The owner and founder of Roof Inspection Reports is Phillip Beveridge. Over his time in the industry Phil has saved his clients millions of dollars on projects of varying sizes. One of the largest reviews conducted was the design and construction of the Commonwealth Games Sports Stadium. When the planners were faced with a major issue with the design they turned to Phil to get the best solution possible.

The existing roofing design has acoustical issues and Phil was able to carry out an inspection and recommend an improved design which not only solved the issue but reduced the cost of construction by over $1 million. Compared to the cost of the review the clients experienced a 20,000% return on investment in terms of construction costs alone. When you factor in the acoustic issue would have resulted in a roof that made the building unfit for its purpose the savings are immeasurable.

Making sure you are getting the job done right from the start means you avoid costly maintenance and rebuilding down the road. It makes sense to plan ahead and a review can not only point out issues that may be present in the plans but can also make you aware of what your maintenance budget will be so you can avoid nasty surprises down the line.

If you want to get the best picture possible regarding your Brisbane roof design and make sure you are in complete compliance with Australia standards and codes then give Roof Inspection Reports a call on 0418 677 524 or visit our contact page to get in touch online.