5 Most Common Issues Found In Gold Coast Roof Inspections

Here at Roof Inspection Reports, we have 35 years of experience inspecting roofing across South East Queensland. In that time we have seen just about everything but there are some issues we regularly find in our Gold Coast roof inspections. Whether you’re experiencing leaks and other issues or are keeping up with proper maintenance our roof inspection reports pinpoint problems making maintenance and repairs simple.

Incorrect Roofing Installation

This is a major issue and it’s a lot more common than you may think. As dedicated roof inspectors, we have the knowledge and expertise to find roofing issues that the average building inspector can overlook. Ensuring the roof has been properly installed in the first place can save you costly repairs, voided warranties and stress later on.

We report on if the roof has been installed to the manufacturer’s instructions, Australian Standards and design specifications on new builds, so you know your roof is properly installed before signing off with contractors. As time goes on it will be harder to have issues rectified and our reports afford you peace of mind knowing that your roof is sound and presents no issues.

Gold Coast Roof Inspections

Ponding & Corrosion

There are many causes for water ponding and corrosion on Gold Coast roofing. With coastal weather and high levels of salt and sand in the air and without proper maintenance, we see accelerated corrosion and ponding issues regularly. Ponding can occur as a result of a lack of maintenance allowing debris to build up in gutters or on the roof itself. It can also happen when the roof has not been properly installed or had a poor original design.

By identifying ponding and corrosion early with our Gold Coast roof inspections, we make it easy to get problem areas fixed before they cause leaking and other major roofing issues. We also offer our comprehensive reporting on architectural design plans so you can prevent problems before you even start construction.

Gold Coast Roof Inspections

Inadequate Sealing & Fastening

No matter what kind of roof you have, ensuring every piece is properly attached and every join is completely sealed is key to a strong and long-lasting roof. With huge numbers of caps, flashings, penetrations, guttering, fascias, soffits and more on even small residential roofing we often see corner-cutting on the sealing and fastening of these elements. Sealing can also deteriorate over time, cement and mortar sealings are more prone to cracking as the building settles and moves compared with silicone.

High winds and storm damage can also lead to fastenings loosening and water ingress through seals. While some of these issues can be seen from the ground, regular inspections and reporting on your roof can ensure you catch these little problems before they cause major issues.

Gold Coast Roof Inspections

Improper Installation of Attachments

Whether installed at the time the roof was done or later, incorrectly installed roofing attachments are a common cause of problems. With the evergrowing popularity of solar panels, we constantly see roof damage caused by incorrect or inexperienced installation of the racking that attaches the solar panel to your roof. Everything from safety systems and guttering to skylights and ventilation requires attachment to or through your roof.

Water can get into your roof from even the smallest crack which is why it’s so important that every attachment to your roof is secured and sealed properly. Our Gold Coast roof inspections and reporting can help prove that damage was caused by incorrect installation and help save you from costly repairs.

Gold Coast Roof Inspections

Traffic Damage

Whether your commercial roof has regular foot traffic or your residential roof is rarely accessed, traffic damage is another problem we see on a regular basis. One wrong step while work is being done on your roof can lead to all kinds of damage. From cracked tiles to dents and split metal, damage from foot traffic can lead to water pooling and ingress, as well as accelerate corrosion and increase weather damage.

When we produce our roofing reports, traffic damage is one of many things we look for and report on. Whether your roof has been accessed to complete work or for service access, our independent roofing reports mean you can be confident of the state of your roof.

Gold Coast Roof Inspections

Gold Coast Roof Inspections You Can Trust

No matter how big or small your roof is, our expert team can complete comprehensive and independent Gold Coast roof inspections and reports. These common roofing problems and many others often start small and get worse the longer they are left. Ensure the longevity of your roof and save money and stress by identifying problems before they get worse.

If you’re concerned about the state of your roof, are planning works or are already experiencing issues, our extensive roofing reports and independent advice can help you make the right choice for your roof. Our roofing inspectors are happy to answer any questions you may have about these common causes of roofing problems. Contact us today to talk with one of our experts about your roof and how our roof inspections and reports can help you.