5 Benefits Of Roof Inspections

The benefits of roof inspections are many, from preserving your own safety through to saving yourself thousands in costly repair bills. As roofing experts with decades of experience under our belts, Roof Inspection Reports compile detailed inspection reports that contain reference images as well as references to any building code infractions on your roof. This makes dealing with insurance companies and contractors a breeze and lets you focus on the more important things.

Makes Insurance Claims Easy

Your roof is most susceptible to damage when the storm season picks up and brings us the usual amounts of torrential rain and heavy winds. During this time a massive amount of insurance claims are issued with a large amount of them being due to roof damage. In an already extremely stressful time, having a trusted roofing professional carry out an inspection of your roof to compile a detailed report makes a world of difference in getting your claim through without drama quickly so you can get on with life.

Keep An Eye On What You Cant See

Your roof is very much an out of sight out of mind part of your home or office and while ignorance is bliss it can lead to drama down the line if you don’t catch things before they get out of hand. Working on your roof can be quite dangerous without the proper safety equipment and any injury caused by falling will leave you further out of pocket especially if you are not properly insured. Much the same as calling an electrician to take care of wiring in your home, leave the dangerous work to the professionals by hiring a roofing expert.

Settle Disputes With Contractors

While having to deal with insurance companies can be a drag, dealing with shoddy contractors can be even worse. If you have had attachments such as solar panels attached to your roof and are concerned about damage being caused during the process, it pays to have a roofing expert carry out a roof inspection. Our detailed reports and reputation within the industry leaves little room to move and makes getting the issue resolved much easier. We also recommend how to go about fixing issues which makes the process quick and drama free.

Saves You Money In The Long Run

We have touched on the fact that your roof is out of sight and with this comes the threat of minor issues spiralling out of control. If your roof has been damaged and as a result started to leak, it can cause a significant amount of damage to your inner ceiling and walls. More often than not you don’t notice an issue until staining appears on your ceiling which means it’s already become much more costly. Catching a problem with your roof early can mean the difference between a few hundred and a few thousand dollars so it pays to play it safe.

Affords Peace Of Mind

As the world keeps finding more and more ways to trouble our minds, knowing your roof is in great condition is something worth having. Leaving things to chance is never a good idea and it doesn’t take much time or money to make sure everything is sound. It is a great idea to have a roof inspection carried out before or after the summer storm season. We would also recommend having a roof inspection done before purchasing a property as standard building inspections will often overlook your roof.

Play It Safe And Have An Expert Inspect Your Roof

These 5 benefits of roof inspections are just some of the reasons why hiring an experienced professional makes sense. We have carried out roof inspections for residential and commercial clients across the east coast for over 30 years. This means you get decades of insights only afforded by time in the industry and our extensive knowledge of building codes and manufacturers means nothing escapes our unrelenting attention to detail. You can get an idea of what to expect from your roof inspection report by taking a look at this article we did recently.

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