Regular Roof Maintenance

All roofs require regular maintenance to keep them in good condition and prevent costly problems from arising. Roof maintenance should be undertaken every 6 months. In fact, the manufacturer’s warranty for most roofing materials will often be voided if you cannot show proof that the required maintenance schedule was adhered to. This leaves the building owner responsible for extensive repair costs on a relatively new roof. At Roof Inspection Reports, we have repeatedly seen cases of gutters rusting through within 12 months of construction, as a result of the required maintenance not being undertaken. Box gutters in particular can be expensive to replace, as they require roof sheets to be lifted to enable replacement. Costs such as these can be avoided through regular maintenance.

At Roof Inspection Reports, we offer an Australia-wide roof maintenance service. We will check over your whole roof, conduct any required maintenance, and provide you with a written report of our activities. The investment in regular roof maintenance extends the life of your roof materials and construction, reducing your long-term expenses. In addition, our written report will also serve as proof that the required maintenance has been undertaken, should the manufacturer’s warranty need to be invoked.

While the importance of roof maintenance for building owners is obvious, the need for maintenance in leased premises should not be overlooked. Most commercial leases will require the leaseholder to perform regular building preventative maintenance and make good any damage. Where damage to a roof results from a leaseholder’s failure to undertake the expected maintenance, the leaseholder may find that they are liable for the costs of repairs or replacement. These costs are sure to far outweigh the affordable regular maintenance service offered by Roof Inspection Reports.

Roof maintenance can be conducted by Roof Inspection Reports on a one-off or regular (recommended) basis, and can be performed on their own or as part of one of our comprehensive diagnostic reports.

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