Philip Beveridge of Roof Inspection Reports knows roofs

Philip has 35 years of experience in inspecting roofs. For all that time, he has provided his expertise to commercial and residential property owners around Australia.

He also gives expert advice at the design stage for large commercial buildings. Philip’s reports are renowned for their quality, thoroughness and reliability. He is a straight-shooter who is proud of his independence and impartiality. These qualities serve you, the client.

A little background

Philip was a founding director of Northside Roofing. He helped to establish it in 1989 in Brisbane. Phil played a key role in its outstanding reputation and market leadership. For 25 year, Northside Roofing was known in the trade for quality, innovation and credibility.

In 2015, Philip retired from Northside Roofing and sold his interest in the company. He had identified a market for independent inspections and design reviews. He is now the key player in Roof Inspection Reports. Here, he offers inspection, reporting and design advice for new and existing buildings.

Roof Inspection Reports: Market leader

At Roof Inspection Reports, Philip’s expertise has led to the company becoming a market leader in the roofing trade. Philp is in demand for his frank and fearless roof reports. He is proud to ensure installations are fully compliant with manufacturers’ specifications. This means the suppliers’ warranties are authenticated, which means peace of mind for you.

A large part of Philip’s business is in providing roof condition reports or proposals on large existing commercial buildings. He also does pre-purchase inspections, as well as giving expert input to large-scale buildings at the design stage.

The work of Roof Inspection Reports emphasises prevention, maintenance and compliance. This is good news for you and your supplier warranty. Phil is rightly proud not only of his proven expertise, but also his independence and commitment to providing advice that is honest and forthright. Under his leadership, Roof Inspection Reports has a track record on prevention. It also shows consistent results in providing generous savings through knowledgeable and forthright reporting on roof condition.

Philip does both domestic roof inspections and large-scale commercial ones. Through his work at Roof Inspection Reports, he serves and protects home owners and investors. HIs reporting looks for any structural issues or potential risk. It can also serve as qualitative information for negotiation of price.

In all his work, Philip emphasises safety. Roof Inspection Reports has an excellent track record in providing safety, savings and peace of mind to domestic and commercial property owners in Brisbane, south-east Queensland and around Australia.

For all your roof inspection needs, you need look no further than Philip Beveridge of Roof Inspection Reports, Brisbane.

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