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Getting a roof inspection report

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Buying a property? Get a roof inspection report

If you are considering buying a property, do not neglect to get a professional, dedicated roof inspection report. Your future home is likely to be your most valuable asset, so don’t take risks with it – financial risks or safety risks.

We are a neutral party to the sale, and we will give you frank and fearless advice. You can trust us to provide you with information about the state of a roof that is not only impartial, but also straightforward and easy to understand and act on. Depending on what we find in our inspection, you might be able to use our report to negotiate price or demand repairs before sale.

What a roof inspection report covers

Our reports are thorough and exacting. You can expect us to:

  • identify any actual or potential risks or flaws
  • provide an analysis of the installation, with information about whether it is correct to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • diagnose any problems such as leaks
  • give you an assurance that the roof is fit for purpose generally
  • propose a suitable maintenance schedule
  • certify the roof to all applicable standards.

You can trust an inspection report from Roof Inspection Reports. Don’t settle for anything less.

Why a specialist roof inspection?

Given that your home is likely your most valuable asset, it is incredible that so many people are willing to cut corners on it. A specialist roof inspection is simply a must. Only a specialist professional roof inspector can inspect with confidence for roof flaws and possible future risks. Plus, as specialists, we have expert knowledge on all aspects of relevant compliance matters when it comes to roofing.

So, don’t settle for a generalist building inspection. Only a fully qualified and experienced roof inspector can tell you whether, for example, the builders have installed the roof according to the manufacturer’s instructions. And only a fully qualified and experienced specialist roof inspector can assure you that your roof complies with all of the relevant standards.

Contact us today to book a fully professional expert roof inspection report.

Invest in a roof inspection

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Philip Beveridge of Philip Beveridge Consulting brings three decades of experience to roof inspection. His expertise lies in ensuring safety, compliance, structural integrity and value for money in roofing.

Many roofs unfortunately present often-silent yet unacceptable risks to the people below them, to the finances of the owners, and to the structural integrity of the buildings they support.

Thorough inspection by an experienced professional at the right time can and does save a lot of money, worry, risk and heartache. Yet still people neglect to invest in possibly the best and most necessary upfront expense against problems or even tragedy down the track.

So, for everyone who spends any time underneath a roof, here are three reasons to invest in having it professionally inspected today. Because whether the roof in question is domestic, commercial or large-scale industrial, it will benefit from inspection by a qualified, proficient and unbiased roof inspector.

1. New buildings

Even new buildings can display structural roofing issues. Unfortunately, we know that 90% of roof failures are due to poor workmanship. To potentially save you thousands down the track, Roof Inspection Reports strongly recommends that as part of your pre-purchase you request a new building roofing inspection report.

An inspection report for a new building conducted by a professional roofing inspector will cover:

  • a comprehensive on-site inspection for compliance to safety standards AS 1562.1, AS 1562.3, and SA HB 39 2015 – the installation code for metal roofing and walling, and manufacturer’s instructions
  • comparison of building plans, architectural designs, drawings and diagrams with the finished job
  • assessment of the quality of the materials and workmanship.

Your written report will include pictures, notes and recommendations, and will serve as documentation you can use in negotiations with your builder and lawyer.

2. Buying or leasing a property

It’s astounding when you think about it, but the majority of home buyers across Queensland will have a pest inspection but not a roof inspection.

A roof inspection by a seasoned professional roof specialist goes much further than a pest or building inspection, and focuses on structural integrity, the quality of materials and workmanship. It should ideally be performed before you agree on price. This is because if problems are identified, your report can include quotes sourced from reputable roofing materials suppliers so you know what you are facing – and the report can serve as a valuable bargaining chip in price negotiations.

Opt for peace of mind that you won’t be faced with potentially dangerous and expensive repairs or replacement down the track, and request your roof inspection report as a condition of purchase.

All of the same advice applies to those considering commercial leases on established properties.

3. Annual inspections

Poor roof maintenance can have severely detrimental effects that are not just financial (though they are certainly that), but also structural – as well as of course presenting a risk to health and safety. As pointed out above, 90% of roof failures are sadly due to poor workmanship.

But if you have missed the opportunity for a thorough inspection by a roof professional at the construction or purchase stage, you can still have regular inspection reports performed to identify and suggest cost-effective and sound solutions to actual and potential issues.

These may include but are not limited to:

  • water penetration
  • incorrect installation
  • dangerously loose roofing
  • any subtle but risky past storm damage

Perceived ‘savings’ from avoiding regular, preferably annual, inspections are certainly a false economy. Inspect early and inspect regularly.

Contact Roof Inspection Reports today for a confidential discussion and quote.

Design reviews for roofs

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Roof consulting services

Philip Beveridge of Roof Inspection Reports offers the expertise of a 35-year career. Through Roof Inspection Reports he provides fully professional, independent, third-party roofing design reviews. His extensive experience means he is able to provide the widest range of roof consulting services in the market. Design reviews are one such service offering of Roof Inspection Reports.

Roofing design reviews represent a highly specialised service. Phil’s wide experience ensures he consistently provides this essential service to architects and builders on major commercial and government construction projects.

It is ideal to perform a roofing design review at the pre-construction phase. This will ensure that roofing design, systems, assemblies and product choices will lengthen the standard service life of the roofing and be:

  • fully compliant with all relevant Australian standards
  • fully watertight
  • the safest and most economical choices for the project.

Independence is key to providing credible and ethical services. Roof Inspection Reports is non-aligned and proud to offer frank and fearless advice. It is on this basis that Roof Inspection Reports has earned its outstanding reputation.

Roof Inspection Reports can offer both general recommendations and review of scope. Philip can also offer product review and evaluation services that will add value to the architectural and engineering processes. Philip’s wide and deep experience means he will devise solutions that are creative and even ingenious, and guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Philip’s service offerings take in the writing, reviewing and editing of specifications. His up-to-date knowledge of roofing products adds further value.

Roof Inspection Report’s track record of positive results speaks for itself. For peace of mind on your major projects, Philip offers to value-add on:

  • savings
  • compliance
  • safety
  • acoustics
  • aesthetics

For full assurance and completion at the design planning stage, please contact Roof Inspection Reports today for a confidential discussion and quote.

Storm Season

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Storm season is coming

With the storm and cyclone season now upon us, it is timely to consider the good reasons to get your roof inspected.

Poor roof maintenance can have severe and serious consequences. These can be financial, structural, and to do with precious health and safety. Residents of Brisbane will be aware that storm activity over the summer can result in damaged roofs being lifted off and/or collapsing.

Annual roof inspections the key

Many homes have roofs that appear to be in sound condition but are actually harbouring dangerous underlying issues. Many of these underlying issues won’t be visible to the naked eye of non-professionals. This is why Roof Inspection Reports recommends annual inspections on houses and commercial buildings, no matter their size or the complexity of the building. It is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to roofs in Brisbane’s summer storm season.

Now is the time for a roof inspection

The expert professional inspectors at Roof Inspection Reports can easily identify potential issues and advise you on how to rectify or mitigate them. This applies to problems with water penetration, incorrect installation, dangerously loose roofing and subtle but potentially risky damage that has been caused by severe weather in the past. Now, before storm season gets fully underway, is the best time to have your roof professionally inspected.

This advice applies equally to domestic and commercial buildings of any size.

Storm season: Visible ceiling or roof problems are your cue to act

Storm season can bring to our attention roof leaks that are more easily ignored at milder times of the year. It offers the perfect opportunity to address these potentially troublesome problems.

The most common tell-tale sign of roof damage and leaking is water marks around the cornices of the ceiling. However, if you can see this damage with your naked eye, you can be sure that your roof damage is well-progressed. These are signs that you are in the late stages of roof damage from weathering.

So, if you can see visible signs of damage or you have leaks, now is the time to act. The trustworthy professionals at Roof Inspection Reports will identify your roofing problems and advise you about the safest and most economical ways of addressing them.

Roofs are too expensive and important to take for granted. For the safety of your family, tenants or employees, contact Roof Inspection Reports today to arrange an inspection.

Roof leaks and ceiling damage

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Roof Inspection Reports can save you money, trouble, time and peace of mind.

Director of Roof Inspection Reports, Philip Beveridge, says that by the time you become aware of a leak in your roof, the damage has already become well-established.

Prevention better than cure for roof leaks

Phil recommends preventative annual inspections for all dwellings and commercial properties. This is a must, given how complex and expensive repairs can become if you leave it too late. The annual fee for an inspection is good economy when you consider the size of the bill you can be presented with for one-off major repairs.

My roof is damaged – now what?

But what should you do if you do find you have developed roof damage? Don’t despair! Even the most complex roof damage should always be fixable. And contacting Roof Inspection Reports as a first measure is a fine strategy. You can put your faith in Roof Inspection Reports’ more than thirty years of experience in identifying problems and suggesting optimal and economic solutions.

Unfortunately, poor workmanship is the root cause of most roofing problems. With storm season approaching, if you find that you develop a leak after rain, you know that this is a strong sign that you need to address well-progressed damage as soon as possible.

Ceiling and wall damage from roof damage

If your ceilings and walls show visible signs of water damage, you should also act without delay. If you leave these problems to worsen, there may be consequences you may come to regret – financial and structural, not to mention compromising your safety, and perhaps that of your family or employees or tenants.

Your roof is too precious to your financial and general wellbeing to be neglected.

Protect your assets and your people. Contact Roof Inspection Reports today for a professional inspection and report that will give you peace of mind.

Solar roof panels for commercial and public buildings

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Solar panels for commercial and public buildings: Order a roof inspection today

Many owners and managers of large commercial and public buildings are making the decision to go solar.

Australia has committed to reducing emissions by 26 to 28 per cent on 2005 levels by 2030. It is not by any means sure we will reach that goal. But many householders are joining the circular economy and putting electricity back on the grid through solar panels. Now the owners and managers of many large commercial and public buildings are following suit.

There are several compelling reasons for this. One is cost, straightforwardly. The energy bills for very large buildings can run to seven figures per annum. Another is seeking to guarantee the stability of the supply. With solar panels there is a greater chance of being able to guarantee this for your large commercial or public building. And then there is concern for clean energy and the environment, which seems to be growing every day in the wider community.

To return to the main point, however, solar energy does represent a way to make very big savings over the long term. However, your roof needs to be in good shape for this to happen. Don’t risk your investment in solar for your large commercial or public building by neglecting to have a professional inspection first.

Solar savings for large buildings: Only if your roof is shipshape

Check for problems with your roof before you overlay it with solar panels. A professional roof inspection will sometimes reveal that while one section is fine, another part of the roof may need to be replaced before you can safely install solar panels. Common problems are rust and damage from air conditioning units.

These issues need to be addressed and rectified if you want to make those attractive long-term savings. Large-scale long-term investments require a particular mindset. You need to be proactive, preventative and always insist on best trade practice and the highest quality materials.

Yearly inspections are a must after you have installed solar panels on your large commercial or public building.

Contact Roof Inspection Reports today for a quote.

Roof inspections for solar roof panels

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Solar panels for your roof

Power prices seem set to rise, and constancy of supply is another issue on many people’s minds. So is the circular economy – which, when it comes to solar panels, means the ability to put electricity back into the grid. Who wouldn’t want to receive negative electricity bills, after all?

More and more people are turning to solar panels. But part of the process of making a decision to choose and install solar panels has to involve a full roof inspection.

Is your roof ready for solar panels?

It is a major decision to install solar panels. They are not inexpensive. They represent a long-term financial and lifestyle strategy. It can take 10 years for them to pay for themselves.

But you would be cutting the wrong corners to install solar panels without first insisting on a full roof inspection. Roof Inspection Reports will check for areas of rust or damage from air conditioners. Such issues can cause major expense and headaches down the track if they are not addressed before you install your solar panels.

Many roofs have unfortunately been constructed economically rather than to best trade practice – plus regular maintenance has then been neglected. This has the potential to make it difficult for you to make the most of your investment in going solar.

Yearly inspections the key

Okay, you have made the decision to go solar, chosen your panels, had your roof professionally inspected and addressed any issues the inspection identified, and installed your solar panels.

Congratulations. But what is next?

Roof Inspection Reports has the best advice: yearly inspections and regular maintenance. Your investment in solar panels is a major one and a long-term one. Protect it properly with roof inspections by Roof Inspection Reports.

Contact Roof Inspection Reports today for a quote.

Quick guide to the main domestic roof materials

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Roof Inspection Report’s quick guide to Australia’s main domestic roof materials

Despite the wide variety of architectural styles of houses seen in Australia today, roof material types for them break down to just three main categories: terracotta tile, concrete tile and metal.

We offer a few words about each here, and their pros and cons.

Terracotta tile roofs

Terracotta tiles for Australian roofs are made from a natural clay product that is able to provide protection from the sometimes harsh Australian elements.

This roofing material has many natural advantages. The tiles are rather beautiful, and they are commercially available in a dazzling array of colours and profiles. They are also very durable.

Terracotta tiles score well in the energy efficiency stakes. As a natural material, they have a certain density that works to even out fluctuations in temperatures.

The downside? Terracotta tiles can be a tad expensive.

Concrete roof tiles

Concrete roof tiles share with their terracotta cousins a fine durability that is essential to the Australian market. Also like terracotta tiles, they can help control internal temperatures and thus help to reduce your energy bills. You might find them a more affordable option than terracotta.

However, the biggest drawback of concrete tile roofs is their tendency to fade. Paint is applied to the surface only and because cement is more porous than terracotta, paint colours can tend to fade quite quickly.

Metal roofs

Metal roofs are a very popular choice for Australian homes. Metal roofing technology is continually advancing, with innovative products regularly appearing in the market.

Metal roofs are very attractive to many people, even iconic. They are an essential choice for many, especially for certain architectural styles. Metal roofs are very durable and can withstand the toughest weather conditions. Some products like Colorbond® offer thermal efficiency and a coating that will resist corrosion. Look around when purchasing, as some products and technologies will offer up to 30-year warranties on performance.

For all your roofing inspection needs, contact Roof Inspection Reports today.

Green roofing

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Roof Inspection Report discusses the benefits of green roofing

We humans love nature. It’s good for us, as the doctors know. It makes us feel good to connect with it. Many sing the praises of green roofing, and the benefits are many. At the top of the list is that connection to nature. City councils around Australia have been considering changes to bylaws and incentives for green roofs. And that’s because the benefits are so clear and so many.

Here are a few:

  • Connection to nature – the biggie. Green roofs are great just for their peacefulness and beauty.
  • Lowering insulation costs – On a single-story brick building with a concrete roof, the savings would be up to 65% in heating and 35% in cooling bills.
  • Absorbing rainfall and keeping it from flowing to creeks and rivers. A study has shown that many roofs with just a 10cm-deep substrate across the city of Melbourne could absorb up to 95% of the annual rainfall there. They would do this by breaking up the mass of impervious surfaces, in a future scenario where a city is covered in green roofs. Modelling has shown a mass of green roofs in a city could capture enough run-off to prevent flash flooding in big rain events.
  • Providing people with a source of home-grown fruit, vegetables and flowers. How nice is that?

Incentives for green roofs may be on the way

At the moment, green roofs are still far more common in North America and Europe than they are in Australia. For example, Toronto in Canada requires green roofs on all new developments with a floor area greater than 2000 m2.

But Australian researchers who understand the many benefits of green roofs have recommended government incentives to encourage developers to add green roofs to new developments. Such measures might include fast-tracked building approvals, relaxed height restrictions and financial grants.

Green roofs don’t come cheap at the moment. But they are an idea whose time is coming. Watch this (roof) space.

For all your roofing inspection needs, contact Roof Inspection Reports today.

Drones for roof inspections?

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Drones for roof inspections?

Roofing in general and roof inspections in particular need the human touch. Roof Inspection Reports is dedicated to keeping abreast of all the latest in technological innovation in the industry. So, we have become aware of the trend, particularly in the US, for the use of drones to aid in roof inspections.

This is a controversial issue, with opinions divided over whether software is as sharp as the human eye or not. The newest drones being used for roofing inspections in the US are equipped with 4K cameras for maximum clarity. Images taken from the 4K cameras can be run through machine learning software to detect anomalies in the images, which indicate the presence of damage.

Some roof inspectors in the US are finding that by flying drones to take photographs over buildings of three stories and higher they can save time and therefore money. The claim is that it also has the potential to increase accuracy.

Automation versus the human touch: The burning question

Automation certainly has its place in the roofing industry. It is used in many of the processes for the manufacture and installation of roofs. But roofing is also an industry that has very high needs for the irreplaceable human touch.

While Roof Inspection Reports acknowledges the potential of drone and camera technology to assist in the preparation of the highest quality, reliable roof inspections, we are not yet prepared to endorse their use.

There remain questions about the accuracy of the camera images – whether a spot in a photograph can be interpreted as accurately as the human eye can interpret it as either a harmless blister or hail damage. We remain committed to the accuracy of our highly experienced and professional eyes.

Roof Inspection Reports will continue to monitor developments in drone and camera technology with a view to continuing to commit to the highest quality professional processes that will support the highest quality roof inspection reports for our clients.

Contact Roof Inspection Report today for all your roof inspection needs.