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New year, new roofing resolution

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No roofing monkey business

It’s a new year, a time for us all to reflect on the year just passed, and plan for the one ahead. Perhaps you’re thinking about what you put off in 2017 that really can’t be neglected in 2018. And perhaps that is nothing less than the very roof over your head.

Make no mistake, your roof is not something to monkey around with. The crowning glory of your most valuable asset keeps you safe from the elements and is intrinsic to the integrity of your building. Neglect your roof at your expense, financial and otherwise.

Good news is that Roof Inspection Reports can put your mind at rest for a very small cost compared to the value of your home or commercial building, and save you from going ape with worry.

Roof safety is paramount

A professional roof inspection by Roof Inspection Reports can indeed save you money, perhaps considerable money, for relative peanuts. Whatever stage of building ownership you are at – design or construction, or perhaps you are considering purchasing or are the owner already – we apply our years of experience and expertise to carry out an inspection and provide you with a comprehensive and independent report.

If you have noticed any issues that are causing you concern, such as leaks or blocked gutters), we can authoritatively diagnose the issues. And even if you haven’t noticed any issues, it is important to be aware that many serious roofing issues are “silent”, that is, they can worsen over months and years before becoming apparent.

A thorough roof inspection by a seasoned professional, however, can detect issues with the condition or structure of the roof that might cause you future problems and expense.

So, no need to go bananas over your roof. With Roof Inspection Reports you are in safe hands.

Contact us today and let Roof Inspection Reports make your 2018 roofing resolution come true.

Standard for roof inspections

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Home owners: What to demand from a roof inspection

Roof Inspection Reports have 35 years of industry experience that you can trust. Whether for a home you already own or one you are contemplating buying, having the roof inspected by a dedicated professional is a must.

Here we discuss what home-owners should look for in a roof inspection and why.

Alerting you to roof weaknesses and risks

A competent roof inspection will detect any defects in the roof of an existing building, and any issues that might be likely to develop into problems in the future that would call for repairs.

An inspection on a new dwelling should take place before you close out with the contractors. It will ascertain whether the roof has been installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions and the design specifications, and according to Australian standards.

Impartiality, thoroughness and reliability

A roof inspection has particular value when it is conducted by in independent professional who has no stake in the sale of the home or investment property or other buyer services. At Roof Inspection Reports, we are proudly impartial, and frank and fearless in our advice. You should settle for nothing less.

A thorough report will cover, at a minimum:

  • ensuring correct installation
  • identifying actual or potential risks or faults
  • diagnosing existing problems, e.g., leaks
  • assuring that roof design is fit for purpose
  • proposing a maintenance schedule
  • certifying all relevant standards and systems.

Roof inspections are a specialised service. Don’t settle for one by a building inspector. Look for specialised expertise, such as is offered by Roof Inspection Reports.

Certifications and compliance

A roof inspection by Roof Inspection Reports will let you know with confidence whether your roof is compliant with all of the relevant Australian Standards. And if we detect non-compliance, we will advise you so that you can ensure you meet compliance in the most efficient and cost-effective ways.

No corners cut = long-term savings

It is simply not worth it to try to cut corners on roofs. As we have said, you should not settle for a roof report conducted by a generalist building inspector. And, especially, don’t opt to leave out a roof report altogether in your hurry to close a sale. The “savings” are an illusion, even possibly a dangerous one and very likely an expensive one.

You are responsible for the safety and wellbeing of the people under your roof. Roof Inspection Reports provides roof reports you can trust. Safe as houses.

Queensland classic corrugated roof

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Queensland classic: the corrugated roof

For many Queenslanders, the sound of rain pattering on a tin roof is very evocative. In fact, it is almost part of the collective Queensland memory for locals of a certain age. But although this Queensland classic has less welcome connotations of rust and radiant heat, modern twists on the classic tin roof are renewing it as an attractive choice for home-owners.

Modernised corrugated roofs

The modern take on this timeless roof is powder-coated lightweight steel or aluminium in a previously unimaginable range of colours. Corrugated roof materials now also come in either the standard wavy sheets of metal or translucent plastic form.

Previously, the biggest drawback to corrugated roofs was corrosion, but these new materials have largely solved that problem. This leaves home-owners tossing up between a corrugated or a tile roof with a slew of advantages on the corrugated side, including ease of installation, durability, price, safety and – depending on the style of your home and your personal taste – aesthetics.

Tiled versus corrugated roofs

The most popular tile options are glazed terracotta or flat slate shingles. These look lovely, depending especially on the style and period of your home, but come with a number of disadvantages and drawbacks, especially for the harsh weather conditions found north (and far north) of the Tweed.

Chief among these are that they are more difficult than corrugated roofs for installing solar panels and for sealing to be watertight. The tiles actually lay adjacent to each other with some slight gaps between. This means that, especially at flatter pitches, high winds can force rain between the tiles, resulting in leaks that can be difficult to track down and seal. If you live in a region prone to bushfires, the lack of complete sealing between tiles means that they are also a greater risk for ember attacks. Further, tiles can also be terribly smashed in severe hail storms.

Further cons are that tiles are far heavier than corrugated sheeting, and weight heavily on roof timbers and walls. They also absorb and radiate heat better than corrugated roofs, which can make them preferable in cooler climates but elevate corrugation to the preferred choice for much of Queensland.

Cost-effective, durable corrugated roofs

If you are weighing up the relative costs of corrugated versus tiled roofs, you should obtain several quotes, as the installation costs can vary, depending on the particular features of your home, and can be comparable in the short term.

However, keep in mind that modern corrugated roofs will long outlast tiled ones, and be less expensive for repairs or for additional work such as wiring, air conditioning or plumbing.

Patter on the hot tin roof

Tiled roofs, on the upside, are quieter, and therefore preferable if you have a sound studio or other room that is sound-sensitive.

But there’s the rub: who doesn’t love the comforting sound so beloved to Queenslanders of welcome, cooling rain on the corrugated roof?

Roof safety and savings

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Up on the roof

At Roof Inspection Reports, we spend our lives up on the roof. That’s your roof, because the safety of roofs and the people and businesses who depend on them are our business.

So, you can place your trust with Roof Inspection Reports, and let your roofing cares drift off in space. Our renowned expertise in all aspects of roof safety offers everything you need for a good night’s sleep.

Peace of mind: Roof safety and savings

Our mission is to provide independent and impartial roofing expertise to building owners and residents, ensuring longevity, structural soundness and long-term savings are achieved through proper roof design, construction, maintenance and repair.

So what does this mean in practise? The answer is simple: It means keeping you and your investment safe and sound. And we do this by being simply the best at what we do, in south-east Queensland and Australia-wide.

Director Philip Beveridge has been providing expertise in all aspects of roofing for 35 years. Long experience has led to an emphasis on prevention in his work, and he is proudly impartial in his approach, offering unparalleled integrity in his straight-talking advice.

Safety in the overarching concern of Roof Inspection Reports, along with protecting building owners and end-users with savings made by prevention as a priority.

Services offered by Roof Inspection Reports

A wide range of roofing services are offered by Roof Inspection Reports, and please contacgt us today with any roofing concerns or requests.

Our particularly popular services are:

  • roof condition reports that focus on compliance in all aspects of installation and ensuring that suppliers’ warrantees are authenticated
  • pre-purchase inspections for considering buyers of large-scale buildings and family homes that examine roofs closely for any signs of structural problems or other potential risks, and can be used in price negotiations on properties.

Roof inspections: quality, impartiality, credibility

Whether you are a home owner or landlord or managing or looking to purchase large-scale industrial and commercial buildings, Roof Inspection Reports has the expertise you can count on.

Contact us today on 0418 677 524 or at We know you’ll soon be singing our praises.

Roof Inspection Reports will Inspect your leaky roof

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Faithful inspections

It’s the gospel truth. Roof Inspection Reports will save you heartache, if not your soul. We are still working on that one.

By the time you become aware of a leak in your roof, according to Roof Inspection Report’s director Philip Beveridge, the damage has been well-established.

He recommends annual inspections for all dwellings and commercial properties as a preventative measure, given how complex and expensive the job of repair can become. The annual fee for an inspection well offsets the size of the bill that can result for one-off major repairs.

But don’t despair if you do find you have developed roof damage. Even the most complex damage should always fixable, and you can put your faith in Roof Inspection Reports’ more than thirty years of experience in identifying problems and suggesting optimal solutions.


Watertight reports

Unfortunately, poor workmanship is the root cause of most roofing problems. And a leak after rain and storms is the sign you need to address well-progressed damage as soon as possible.

Visible signs of water damage on your ceilings and walls should be acted on without delay to prevent consequences you will regret that can be financial, structural and to you and your family’s or employees’ or tenants’ health and safety.

Your roof is too precious to your financial and general well being to be neglected.

Protect your assets and your people. Contact Roof Inspection Reports today for a professional inspection and report that will give you peace of mind.

Roof Inspection Reports Commercial Roofing Design Reviews

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An ounce of prevention

Philip Beveridge of Roof Inspection Reports offers unparalleled expertise in providing fully professional independent, third-party roofing design reviews. His long experience ensures that he is able to provide the most extensive range of roof consulting services that are available, with design reviews being one particular strand of the service offerings of Roof Inspection Reports.

Roofing design reviews are a highly specialised service, provided by this industry expert with over 35 years of experience under his belt. His general experience ensures that he is able to consistently provide this essential service to architects and builders on major commercial and government construction projects.

Having a roofing design review at the pre-construction phase is ideal to ensure that roofing design, systems, assemblies and product choices will:

  • be fully compliant with all relevant Australian standards
  • be fully watertight
  • lengthen the standard service life of the roofing
  • be the safest and most economical choices for the project.

Roofing DesignIndependence is key to providing credible and ethical services, and Roof Inspection Reports is non-aligned and proud to offer frank and fearless advice that has earned the company the outstanding reputation it enjoys.

Experience allow for Roof Inspection Reports to offer both general recommendations and review of scope, as well as product review and evaluation that adds value to the architectural and/or engineering processes. It also brings to bear the ability to come up with solutions that can be creative and even ingenious at times, and are guaranteed to stand the test of time.

Philip’s service offerings take in the writing, reviewing and editing of specifications, and his up-to-date knowledge of roofing products adds further value.

His track record of positive results speaks for itself. For peace of mind on your major projects, he offers to value-add on:

  • savings
  • compliance
  • safety
  • acoustics
  • aesthetics.

For full assurance and completion at the design planning stage, please contact Roof Inspection Reports today for a confidential discussion and quote.

Philip Beveridge of Roof Inspection Reports

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Philip Beveridge of Roof Inspection Reports by Philip Beveridge Consulting knows roofs like no other on Brisbane and Australia-wide. He brings a combined experience of 35 years to the task of inspecting roofs and providing expertise in the design stages of large commercial buildings and reporting on commercial and residential roofs around Australia.

He was a founding director of Northside Roofing, establishing it in 1989 in Brisbane and developing an outstanding reputation and market leadership for its quality, innovation and credibility for more than two and a half decades.


In 2015, Philip identified a market for independent inspections and design reviews, and sold his interest in Northside Roofing. He is now active in Roof Inspection Reports offering an independent and impartial service for inspection, reporting and advising over design for new and existing buildings.

At Roof Inspection Reports, his expertise is in demand for providing roof reports to end users to ensure that all aspects of installation are compliant with manufacturers’ specifications  to guarantee that the suppliers’ warranties are authenticated.

He also provides roof condition reports or proposals on large existing commercial buildings, as well as pre-purchase inspections, and giving input to large-scale buildings at the design stage.

His work emphasises the importance of preventative maintenance in compliance and supplier warranty. He prides himself not only on his proven expertise, but also his independence and commitment to providing advice that is honest and forthright. He has a track record on prevention and on providing generous savings through knowledgeable and forthright reporting on roof condition.

Philip is equally at home with domestic roof inspections as he is with large-scale commercial ones. He is committed to serving and protecting home owners and investors through reporting that looks for any structural issues or potential risk and can serve as qualitative information for negotiation of price.


In all his work, Philip emphasises safety first. He is justifiably proud of his excellent track record in providing safety, savings and peace of mind to domestic and commercial property owners in Brisbane, south-east Queensland and around Australia.

For all your roof inspection needs, you need look no further than Philip Beveridge of Roof Inspection Reports, Brisbane.

Cyclone Debbie: the lessons for roof inspection

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shutterstock_90021889With Cyclone Debbie and her path of destruction fresh in all our minds, it is timely to consider the benefits – even the necessity – of regular roof inspection.

Poor roof maintenance can have severely detrimental impacts, financial, structural, and to health and safety. We have seen in recent storm activity the worst-case scenarios of roofs being lifted off and/or collapsing.

Many homes and commercial buildings that appear to be in sound condition harbour sinister underlying issues that are not visible to the naked eye of non-professionals. Ninety percent of roof failures are due to poor workmanship. Before closing out your contractual obligations with your preferred contractor, it is best to have the work audited by an industry professional for compliance.

But whether you had or missed an inspection at that stage, you can prevent expensive and potentially dangerous mishap through an annual inspection. Roof Inspection Reports advocates periodical inspections on houses and commercial buildings no matter their size or complexity to bring confidence and longevity through the fiercest weather.

The highly trained professional inspectors at Roof Inspection Reports can readily identify and advise on rectifying potential issues with water penetration, incorrect installation, dangerously loose roofing and subtle but potentially risky damage caused by severe weather.

Because the damage done by storms can be difficult for non-professionals to detect, the period after a season of storms is an ideal time to assess for any damage that may have occurred and take steps to repair it. This advice applies equally to domestic and commercial buildings of any size.

shutterstock_166799207Storm season also brings to our attention roof leaks that are more easily ignored at milder times of the year, and offer a perfect opportunity to address them. The most common tell-tale sign of roof damage and leaking is water marks around the cornices of the ceiling, although this is only seen at quite a late stage and is actually a sign that you have well-progressed roof damage.

If you can see visible signs of leaks, now is the time to act. The trustworthy professionals at Roof Inspection Reports will identify your roofing problems and advise you on addressing them.

Roofs are too expensive and important to take for granted. For the safety of your family, tenants or employees, contact Roof Inspection Reports today to arrange an inspection.

Property Roof Inspections

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Property roof inspections can reveal many aspects of a home or buildings integrity, including its weather tightness, visible damage, safety, structural integrity and efficiency.

So how will property roof inspections help the average resident or business owner? The main things that a roof inspection will reveal is whether your proposed purchase is worth the money, and possible time and commitment needed to bring it up to scratch. In short the value of your purchse. Too many times have people being caught out in buying a money pit when it could have easily been avoided by spending a little money upfront to have a property roof inspection completed by a specialist.

Take a look at some of the key areas which of focus for professional roof inspectors

Roof Inspection


Everything that is built will need to undergo maintenance at some point during its lifespan. Property roof inspections will reveal what, if any maintenance has been done on a property. A roof inspection will also reveal what, if any maintenance will be required. Severity of any damage and the likely impacts it may have on your properties safety and value.

Key areas which are on the radar of a roof inspector include;

  • The installation of the roofing materials, i.e. iron roofing, tiles, etc. The quality of this roofing, signs of deterioration and noncompliance of installation.
  • Ventilation – has appropriate ventilation being installed in the roof cavity or roof space to reduce the effects of condensation. They will also highly any signs of condensation or water damage from leakage
  • Fire Safety – is there excess material in the roof space which could become a fire safety hazard. Have fire retardants being used if applicable. Hae all fire safety codes being adhered to during installation and if not all areas of non-compliance will be highlighted?
  • Damage – obvious and subtle signs of damage from weather or animal infestation.
  • Points of water penetration   

A roof space can often be an overlooked part of the house however you can see the importance in ensuring that it is just as safe as the rest of your house, after all it is what we all live and work under daily.

For comprehensive property roof inspections across the Great South East in Queensland contact Roof Inspection Reports. Our friendly and experienced staff are ready to give you honest feedback.  

Roof Inspectors

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Having conducted thousands of roof inspections across Brisbane, Roof Inspection Reports professional roof inspectors have found one common denominator. Most homes and buildings across the Great South East have received little, if any love over their lifetime.

The effects of this lack of attention is that homes and industrial buildings or warehouses, particularly older ones are suffering from a multitude of minor to major problems which can be quite costly to new owners. Poor roof maintenance can have detrimental effects if nothing is done to rectify the issues. The worst-case scenario is the collapse of a roof which can be very dangerous under any circumstance.

We advocate and promote to all homeowners and business owners to have annual roof inspections performed on their homes and buildings regardless of the size or complexity. This includes large commercial buildings, apartment building, high-rise buildings, shopping complexes and warehouse and industrial buildings.

Our experienced roof inspectors quickly identify and highlight the smallest of issues which an untrained eye would simply overlook, such as potential areas for water penetration, incorrect installation, loose and dangerous roofing and damage caused from severe weather conditions.

Although your home may seem to be in sound condition, there may be sinister underlying issues. If left unattended these will gradually increase until they become an imminent threat to the safety of staff of residents.

In the interest of averting problematic circumstances and the unthinkable it is advisable to have professional roof inspectors attend to your premises on a regular. This is even more relevant after storms to determine the scope of damage which may have occurred, and areas which will need immediate, short term or long term attention.

Contact us today at Roof Inspection Reports for all your inspection needs across the Great South East.