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Roof Repairs & Insurance

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Roof Repairs & Insurance

If you find yourself facing roof damage due to damage caused by storms or the effect of time then it pays to understand what your home insurance policy covers.

General Deterioration

Nothing can withstand the pressure of time and your roof is no different. While making sure any work carried out on your roof during maintenance or installation is of the highest quality you cannot prevent wear and tear. The main concern with this is that having a pre-existing issue with your roof and gutters can void a claim made should a storm cause damage.

When an insurer sends out an inspector to validate a claim they will note any work that should have been carried out before the damage in question occurred. It is no secret that insurance companies like to avoid paying out on claims and making sure your roof is in good condition means you have a better chance of being successful.

By organising a roof inspection by Roof Inspection Reports you can get complete peace of mind that you are covered should an incident occur. We will note every issue that is present and also any potential issues that may cause you a headache down the road. We will also make recommendations for the best course of action. As we are a popular choice for insurance companies when they want to validate a claim we know what to look for.

Storm & Fire Damage

Much like general deterioration discussed above, whether a insurer will pay out a claim or not when it comes to storm and fire damage is a chicken or the egg situation. Let’s say the issue is a storm causing your roof to leak through, damaging your ceiling and walls. You may think this is a clear cut case for your insurer but the question will be raised as to what caused the leak.

If the roof was in poor condition and needed work carried out before the storm then it will be deemed preventable. While the water did come because of the storm the reason it was able to make its way through is due to negligence and this means no payout. Again the best way to prevent this is to be proactive in organising an inspection. If your roof is 15-20 years old then you should definitely be organising an inspection.

Faulty Installations & Poor Workmanship

While we work with the best roof repair and restoration experts it can be all too common for us to arrive on site for an inspection to see poor quality work has been carried out. Making sure any work carried out on your roof is up to code is also of vital importance as this can also cause a voided claim.

It is for this reason that you should always have a roof inspection carried out by a third party such as RIR when building a new home or commercial building as well as when any work is carried out. While the extra cost might not be appealing it is better than dealing with a much bigger bill down the line.

Brisbane Roof Inspection Specialists

Roof Inspection Reports carry out insurance claim validations as part of our everyday operations. We have been trusted by massive development firms to ensure their new stadium roofs have been constructed correctly and take the same approach when dealing with your home. We will carry out a thorough inspection and note any particular issues we find, presenting them to you with supporting documents or images as well as recommendations for repairs. Call us on 0418 677 524 or contact us online to organise a roof inspection.

Staying Safe On Your Roof

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If you are looking to do some DIY work on your roof then you would be well advised to take careful consideration towards what safety protocols and equipment you will need to employ to keep yourself safe and injury free while carrying out your work. This is an often overlooked part of the process when carrying out improvements to your roof or even installing seasonal decorations.

While you may think a short trip up top requires little planning it only takes a moment for things to go from normal to dangerous and falling off your roof can lead to serious injuries and sometimes even death depending on the height.

Consider the Conditions

Make sure you look into the weather you can expect to experience on the day you intend to carry out work on your roof. The obvious threat to look out for is rain and if this is the case then you should plan to carry out your work on another day. There is no reason to work on a roof in the rain and any lightning present only serves to heighten the danger.

On the opposite end of the scale if the day is extremely hot you should also be wary. Not only does this make the surface you are walking on extremely hot it also presents you with exhausting work conditions. Proper sun care such as hats, sunglasses, sunscreen and a good supply of water are extremely important.

Get the Right Equipment

Without the right equipment you are putting yourself at serious risk of injury. The right footwear is extremely important in order to minimise the risk of falls as well as a good hard helmet. Gloves are important not only for handling materials but also to prevent the heated roof from burning your hands should you need to gain balance.

Making sure you have the right ladder is also extremely important. You need to be able to safely access your roof as well as easily get off. The ladder needs to be able to support your weight plus the weight of your tools and materials. It is a good idea to have your ladder extend 1 meter above the gutter for better access and to prevent it falling.

Perhaps the most important pieces of equipment are ropes and safety harnesses. While these are often viewed as tools for professional contractors their purpose is no less important for anyone else getting up on a roof : they stop you from falling off. No one expects to have an accident and making sure your ropes are of good quality and are anchored correctly is extremely important to preserving your safety. Securing your tools via lanyards is also a great way to keep those below you safe from falling objects.

Are You A Professional? Consult With An Expert

If you are running a business that requires staff or contractors to be working on a roof then the best thing you can do is consult with a experienced professional in order to better understand what safety protocols and equipment you need in place in order to keep your employees safe and your liability at a minimum. Call Roof Inspection Reports on 0418 677 524 or contact us online to organise a consultation.

Roof Ventilation

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Roof Ventilation

While most people will consider their roofs primary function to be the protection from rain and hail as well as maintaining the integrity of the structure it also performs a vital part in keeping the temperature of your home stable.

Australia is a place of great extremes when it comes to weather. You will experience the bitter cold (though not nearly as bad as other countries) and overwhelming heat. By making sure your home has proper ventilation you can keep your home cool or warm depending on your current climate. When your roof is able to maintain a desirable temperature it means you save costs on powering air conditioners and fans.

Why is roof ventilation important?

When the Australian summer hits your roof can experience temperatures of up to 70 degrees. While it may be hard to believe on paper if you have ever had to venture into your roof cavity you will have had first hand experience of the heat that propagates within it. When the day turns to evening the drop in temperature can also cause moisture to develop which means mould and further repair.

A proper roof ventilation system will ensure the air in your roof is constantly circulated whether it be hot or cold. Properly placed inlets and outlets are essential to carrying out proper ventilation and will allow fresh air in and move the stale air out along with any moisture problems it may present.

Making sure your roof is well ventilated not only keeps your homes temperature regulated but also saves you money in more than one way. You save money from reduced power bills due to not needing to run the aircon 24/7 but also save money from costly repairs that may need to be carried out in the future due to damage caused by moist air.

If your home doesn’t have existing ventilation Roof Inspection Reports can provide you with the best possible placements which will give you the best possible results. Our experience and knowledge means we can ascertain the best course of action no matter the design of the roof or the materials used to build it.

For more details on our roof report services or to book an inspection call Phil today on 0418 677 524 or contact us online.

Maintaining Gutters and Drainpipes

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Maintaining Gutters and Drainpipes

While our focus at Roof Inspection Reports is to carry out inspections to deliver reports outlining issues with both new and existing roof installations we also like to provide tips and tricks you can apply to your property in order to get the most out of your roofs lifespan.

One of the best ways to ensure you avoid costly damage to your roof is to carry our regular inspections of your gutters and drainpipes. Often these elements are pushed to the side when it comes to home maintenance but in doing this you are setting yourself up for long term issues down the road. By taking the time now to ensure nothing needs fixing you save yourself even more time and money as time goes on.

The basic function of your gutters and drainpipes is to dictate the flow and distribution of water around your property. Water is the most dangerous element to your home and if a roof is damaged in a way that allows water to penetrate to the interior it can become an extremely costly endeavour.

By not ensuring proper installation and maintenance over time your gutters will fill with debris. This makes the gutter overflow and could mean your ceiling flooding, damage to the timber in your roof, issues with internal structural walls. As the gutter fills with continuous rain it becomes heavier and heavier. This new force can further damage your roofs structural integrity.

Once water makes it into your home it can create a domino effect as it works its way down to the bottom, including the damaging of insulation and electrical wiring which can present a serious threat to the safety and well being of your properties inhabitants.

By understanding the best time and methods for inspecting your guttering you can lower the time and effort needed to ensure the integrity of this vital part of your roofing solution. An inspection should be carried out every 6 months and is best done at the end of autumn and the end of spring where roof debris will be at their highest. If you have trees that overhang your roof you may need to carry out inspections on a more regular basis.

It’s always a good idea to carry out inspections before and after big storms that occur during the start of the year for Queenslanders.

If you are concerned about the health of your roof it is always a good idea to hire an expert roof inspection service to carry out a detailed report. The entire bases of our service is to provide insight into issues now so that you save money as time goes on. By getting a professional roof inspection you can rest assured knowing all the bases are covered and you will be made fully aware of any potential threats to the structure of your roof and in turn the safety of your home.

Architectural Design Review Brisbane

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While roof inspections may be our bread and butter we also offer pre planning services to the Brisbane area and its surrounds. By hiring an experienced professional to inspect your building plans you not only gain insight into any potential issues that may develop after construction but also get time tested advice on design and installation. Our job is inspecting roofs and because of that we know what the most common issues are and how much they will impact your roofs lifespan.

Architects and building designers are not roofing specialists, nor should they be expected to be. We bring 35 years of experience in the Brisbane roofing industry and will work to ensure you have the most comprehensive and accurate information possible before you move ahead. When you weigh up the cost of potential issues down the road against the low cost of an architectural review it becomes clear its the best option for your budget.

The owner and founder of Roof Inspection Reports is Phillip Beveridge. Over his time in the industry Phil has saved his clients millions of dollars on projects of varying sizes. One of the largest reviews conducted was the design and construction of the Commonwealth Games Sports Stadium. When the planners were faced with a major issue with the design they turned to Phil to get the best solution possible.

The existing roofing design has acoustical issues and Phil was able to carry out an inspection and recommend an improved design which not only solved the issue but reduced the cost of construction by over $1 million. Compared to the cost of the review the clients experienced a 20,000% return on investment in terms of construction costs alone. When you factor in the acoustic issue would have resulted in a roof that made the building unfit for its purpose the savings are immeasurable.

Making sure you are getting the job done right from the start means you avoid costly maintenance and rebuilding down the road. It makes sense to plan ahead and a review can not only point out issues that may be present in the plans but can also make you aware of what your maintenance budget will be so you can avoid nasty surprises down the line.

If you want to get the best picture possible regarding your Brisbane roof design and make sure you are in complete compliance with Australia standards and codes then give Roof Inspection Reports a call on 0418 677 524 or visit our contact page to get in touch online.

Getting Your Roof Installed Correctly

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While an inspection of your roof should be carried out regularly to ensure you are kept aware of potential issues arising there are also several signs and situations that you should be aware of in order to reduce the chances of your roofs health deteriorating. From the moment your roof is installed it is subjected to the elements and so needs to be taken care of. If left unchecked your roof may require replacement which is an incredibly costly and inconvenient process.

To give your roof the best chance and ensure that its structural integrity is sound the best thing to do is to ensure that when it is being built that all codes of practice and regulations are being adhered to. While roof inspections is in our name we are also commonly called on the advise on building plans and process. By getting an expert opinion at the planning stages of development you can make sure every part of your roof installation is sound and is protected against the most common mistakes that can cause issues down the line.

If a roof isn’t properly installed or becomes damaged by storms then the biggest threat is water leaking through to the vulnerable supporting structures like beams and walls. While storm damage is the most common cause for these leaks it can also come from poor installation which leaves materials rubbing against each other and causes stress.

Once the water gets in it becomes a costly process to correct. Often water damage can be significant as it’s not always caught early. Often the issue is noticed when damp patches appear on the ceiling which means at this stage it has seeped through beams, struts and insulation which may all need to be replaced.

Ensuring that correct procedure is carried out when preparing the roof for final installation is also key to ensuring you aren’t having to replace it. Making sure the area is cleaned, primed and properly prepared means you reduce the chance of corrosive and detrimental elements causing issues.

Another key part of making sure your roof installation goes well is getting the guttering right. If a gutter is not properly connected to the roof it can cause stress and tears in the material once it starts to fill with water. If you do not carry out regular maintenance in terms of cleaning your gutters they can become clogged and start to cause rusting issues as well. Aside from that a constantly full gutter will cause continual strain on the edge of your roofing which can lead to failure.

In order to get the best out of your roof and give you peace of mind now and years to come we recommend giving Roof Inspection Reports a call when looking to get a new roof installed or an old one replaced. Our years of experience and thorough approach means you will gain valuable insight that could save you thousands in the future. Give us a call today on XXX XXX XXX or contact us online to find out more.

Advantages of Roof Inspections

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While there is a tendency to see roof inspection as just a part of the planning and building process it can in fact provide a multitude of advantages that can give you a better insight into what’s happening up there and help prevent costly damage from occurring.

The first thing we can ascertain from an inspection is the safety of your current roofing. If your building is a commercial space then being aware of the safety issues your roof faces can help reduce your liability for the people working under it. If it’s your home then your family’s safety is the utmost priority and taking this into consideration can help keep everyone protected.

Another thing we can determine is the lifespan of your roof. Nothing lasts forever and your roof is no exception to this rule. If you are a property manager then you understand the importance of a budget and knowing the lifespan of your roof lets you allocate funds for a replacement ahead of time and prevents costly surprises down the road.

The integrity of your roof is another key consideration for safety. When people think of a roof they typically consider just the outermost material whether it be tiles or metal sheeting. A proper inspection also looks at the beams, joints, joists and guttering. These parts all work to make the whole that is your roof and just like cogs in a machine they all need to be working correctly and in good condition to keep your roof integrity strong.

Being able to anticipate any issues a violent storm may cause is also another major benefit for your roof. In Australia we are exposed to severe storms for large parts of the year. The fact that we reside mostly on the coastal fringe of our country means high winds from the ocean are a frequent occurrence.

With these storms comes violent winds and destructive elements such as hail that can permanently damage your roof. An inspection by Roof Inspection Reports can assess any existing damage from previous storms and also provide suggestions on how to protect it from further damage in the future. We also carry out insurance inspections that help you get the best results possible from a claim you may be trying to get approved.

No matter the results a roof inspection carried out by a qualified professional will give you valuable and actionable insight that will both save you money and keep your occupants safe and sound. Being an independent 3rd party means the information Roof Inspection Reports gives you is unbiased and procured with the roofs best interests in mind.

Insurance Report Service

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When determining whether to honour a claim many insurance companies will turn to Roof Inspection Reports to ascertain the cause of damage. In Queensland, this is most commonly an occurrence after extreme storms and weather. After a storm passes through claims are often submitted for water damage caused by leaking and damaged roofs.

Even though the storm has passed through and leaks have started this is no guarantee that your claim will be accepted. When we inspect a damaged roof we aim to determine if the damage was caused solely by the weather and no other contributing factors are in play such as:

  • Non-compliant to the relevant codes of practice
  • Poor workmanship
  • Wear and tear /maintenance issues

If any of these factors are contributing to the damage caused then it is a good chance that the claim will not be accepted. This means it is imperative that you engage a qualified professional to give you a complete and thorough report on the condition of your roof that contains a list of issues that are currently present as well as outlines any potential issues you may be facing as time goes on.

The need for assessors to get a complete and unbiased report and roof assessment means Roof Inspection Reports are a trusted name in the industry. We conduct all of our inspections with adherence to Worksafe regulations.

If you are buying a new home, office space or even renovating an existing space then you would be remiss not to have a qualified and trusted professional inspect your roof to make sure you have the best chance for any future potential claims to be accepted. Dealing with storm damage is a stressful time for anyone managing a property and a rejected insurance claim can play havoc on your savings and budget.

Roof Inspection Reports are Insurance Claim Specialists

Don’t risk having to pay for your roof repair during an already stressful situation. By getting a professional roof inspection you can be made aware of any issues which may reduce the chances of your claim being accepted and get expert advice on what work should be carried out to rectify them.

As a trusted name that is often called on to qualify claims by insurance companies we know what boxes need ticking. Contact Roof Inspection Reports today on 0418 677 524 or visit our contact page to fill out our form to have a qualified inspector call you back to discuss your needs.

Roof Inspections For Real Estate & Body Corporate

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When working in property management there are few things more worrisome than water damage. If a roof is left unchecked it will develop defects over time. This can lead to water leaking into the inner roof and from there the walls and floors of the entire building.

By engaging a qualified professional with years of experience in roof inspections you can save yourself thousands of dollars.

Water Damage is a Costly Issue

Once water gets inside of your home it can cause significant damage to the plaster, paint and carpets. It can also interfere with the electrical circuitry which leads to dangerous power surges. If the roof features exposed frames that wood can start to rot. Water damage to the frame creates structural integrity issues and the spread of mould can be incredibly dangerous to the occupants of the building.

All of these events increase your liability and can cost a significant amount to repair. They can also cause inconvenience to the tenants which in turn can turn inot grievances with the landlord which is a situation everyone wants to avoid.

Most insurance companies will not cover you for a roof that features faulty or poorly designed roofs

If the building you manage is a commercial or industrial property a loss of productivity can be grounds for claims against you. This becomes a costly and uncomfortable situation for everyone involved.

Not ensuring that your roof is well designed and free from faults from the start can lead to problems down the line. Even thousands or tens of thousands of dollars spent on repairs.

Roof Inspection Reports Can Save You Time And Money

By having a professional with decades of experience inspect your roof you reduce your liability and can enjoy peace of mind moving forward. Our trained eye for detail and painstaking approach to inspections has meant our services are regarded as the best in the industry by residential, commercial and government organisations.

When we arrive on-site we will carry out our inspection and provide you with a complete and comprehensive report that details any immediate issues and highlights any potential risks that may appear down the road.

Avoid costly faults and get the full picture with Roof Inspection Reports. Contact us today on 0418 677 524 of fill out our contact form and we will be in touch with you as soon as possible.

How A Roof Inspection Can Impact Your Business Budget

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When running a business, a well defined budget is of crucial importance. Being able to plan for expenses down the line relating to your roofing solution gives you invaluable insight. Roof Inspection Reports are able to provide specialised reports that detail both the lifespan of your existing roof and what issues may arise down the track.

The report can also provide methods that you can employ to increase the lifespan of your roof, by detailing regular maintenance procedures and any repairs that may need to be carried out now so as to prevent further damage to your property down the line. We will also give you estimates of replacement costs for when the time comes to replace any existing roofing materials.

A Better Budget For Commercial Clients

All of this information is formed to give commercial clients the best chance to accurately plan their expenses. This is also extremely beneficial for body corporate and strata buildings, as common roofs are always the responsibility of the body corporate.

A proper report conducted by experienced and qualified professionals such as Roof Inspection Reports means that tenants will pay less fees, and building managers won’t suffer emergency situations that would otherwise occur if not properly prepared.

A great example of such a report is the Brisbane Convention Center. Roof Inspection Reports were called on due to our well-known name in the industry to provide a cost plan, complete with a full condition report and recommendations. As the building was over 20 years old, the managers of the property were looking to get estimates for replacement materials. Due to the large size of the building, and the nature of its design, the replacement costs for its roof were far beyond what would normally be assigned in a budget.

Once they were supplied with our report, the managers were able to make use of the information in their annual budget planning process. This meant that they could anticipate future costs and start planning for work well ahead of time. As the report also included suggestions on increasing the lifespan of their roof, it also meant that the total maintenance cost of the building over its lifetime was significantly reduced.

Being able to reduce the complications of budget planning is a benefit to anyone running a business. With Roof Inspection Reports, you can rest assured that our cost planning reports will detail everything you need to know about your roof’s condition, lifespan and maintenance routines. With this information, you can allocate exactly what you need for your roof, which leaves more funds for other areas of your business.

Contact Roof Inspection Reports today on 0418 677 524, or visit our contact page to complete our online contact form to have a consultant get back to you as soon as possible. Our trusted name in the industry stems from years of experience, and a focus on providing the highest quality roof reports.