About Philip Beveridge

Roof Inspection Reports is founded and managed by Philip Beveridge. Possessing a total of 35 years of roofing experience, Philip was a founding Director of the well-known Northside Roofing Pty Ltd, which was established in 1989. Under Philip’s management, his company developed a reputation for professional expertise in the roofing industry. Recognised as a market leader, Philip has frequently been asked over the years to provide roof inspection and reporting services on roofs installed by competitors. His expertise has also been requested during the design phase, to provide advice on problems with the proposed roofing design. One of the projects he reviewed was the design of the Commonwealth Games Sports Stadium. Philip was consulted as a result of acoustical problems arising from the initial architectural design. Application of his specialist knowledge not only enabled him to recommend an improved design which solved the acoustics problem, his revised design reduced the cost of the roof construction by over $1 million.

Having now sold his interest in Northside Roofing, Philip (trading as Philip Beveridge Consulting Pty Ltd) is now offering an independent and impartial service through Roof Inspection Reports, providing roof reports on new and existing builds. His 35 years of industry knowledge and experience are now being applied to the provision of inspections and reporting on commercial and residential roofs Australia-wide.