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Why a Roof Inspection is a must for home buyers

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Comprehensive Roof Inspection Reports for peace of mind

Did you know that the majority of home buyers purchasing property across Queensland on a daily basis will have a building a pest inspection performed, however how many of these buyers consider the financial implications of a structurally unsound roof on their largest investment?


Buying a property is a very emotional process even for seasoned buyers or investors and you can easily forget about looking under the surface at the structural viability of a home once you have fallen in love with it. The reality is that as a home buyer you should have a comprehensive roof inspection performed on your potential buy conducted by an independent and unbiased roof Inspection Inspector. More in-depth than a building and pest inspection a Roof inspection will focuses solely on the integrity of your roof structure. Inspectors will physic ally climb around inside and on top of your roof evaluation and analysis the condition of your roof, the way it has been installed, highlight any areas of concern or potential risk. This allows you as a purchaser to make an informative decision on whether to proceed with your purchase knowing the potential repairs and replacement costs.

As part of the inspection process you will receive a full report with photographs and notes on the condition of your properties roof. Three are a number of good reasons to have a professional roof inspection and report performed on your house:

  1. To check for structural issues
  2. As qualitative information in negotiating price
  3. To determine the level of damage or potential problems which may arise allowing you to budget

Ideally, a roof inspection should be performed before you agree on a price or sign a contract, however if not possible then it should definitely be placed as a condition of purchase.

North Brisbane Roof Inspection

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Professional North Brisbane Roof Inspections

North Brisbane is undergoing tremendous growth both on a private and residential level and commercial construction and expansion. As a potential buyer you may often get caught up in the emotion of buyer and forget about important underlying factors which can potential cost you thousands of dollars. These financial pitfalls can be avoided when it comes to ensuring that the structural integrity of your roof is as it should be.


Buying a domestic or residential house is a very exciting time, however you cannot overlook the importance of having a comprehensive north Brisbane roof inspection conducted. Roof Inspection Reports are your Brisbane based local provider of professional, qualified and experienced roof inspectors. As part of our North Brisbane roof inspection services we will conduct an all-encompassing inspection of your roof inside and out. Our inspectors specialise in roofs and will identify the slightest of irregularities or potentials risk giving you clear insight into your intended purchase and allowing you to proceed on an informed basis.


As a business owner, purchases of commercial premises are typically conducted under the guidance of a financial officer with a budget and plan in place. The importance e of a roof inspection is often overlook in favour of location and other elements which fit your criteria. For a comprehensive North Brisbane Roof inspection conducted by qualified and experienced roof inspectors, contact Roof Inspection reports.

Our team of roof inspectors specialise in roof integrity, structural stability and identifying areas of concern which can become potential money pits if not recognised and allocated for.

When you have an independent North Brisbane roof inspection performed you will receive a written report containing all our findings, recommendations and accompanying pictures.

Save yourself headaches and financial concerns by having a roof inspection carried out prior to purchasing any size or style of property. Contact Roof Inspection Reports today!

New Build Roof Inspections

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Recommended Roof Inspections

Even new builds can have structural issues with their roofs although this tends to me more apparent in older builders. As part of a regular pre-purchase or condition of purchase it is recommended that you have a new build roof inspections report conducted on your new build before taking final ownership. The financial saving can be in the thousands. By having an independent building inspector conduct a new build roof inspections reports it ensures that builders complete works to a minimum standard and gives you peace of mind in your new home.


A roof inspection report will consist of a professional roofing inspector conducing an on-site comprehensive inspection of your newly completed house, comparing building plans, architectural designs, drawings and diagrams with the completed works to ensure that the job has been completed satisfactorily, using quality, not inferior materials and as identified.

Receiving a written report with pictures, notes, and recommendations you will have tangible evidence to present your lawyer or the builder for validation. Your professional roof inspector will always be happy to explain what is contained in your final report in the event of misunderstanding allowing you to be clear.


For further information about how a reputable company and qualified roof inspection can potential save a myriad of unforeseen issues and thousands of dollars contact Roof Inspections Reports. We are experienced in domestic, commercial and large scale industrial roof inspections with qualified and proficient, unbiased inspectors ready to help you.